Tesco Bans Pygamas



Emergency? What emergency? Oh Christ, I'm so hungry I might die - I'm going to go to Tescos in my jimmy-jammies.

Getting on my soapbox, there is no excuse for not getting dressed before going shopping. These people shouldn't be allowed to breed.
I might be able to grasp the idea of them not wanting people to shop when not wearing shoes; you might hurt your foot on something and then think back to "Have you had a trip? A fall?" all that kind of tort-a-go-go malarkey and think "I went shopping without shoes and hurt my foot so that will be £50,000, Thank You, Tesco." Tbh the idea of lots of bare feet near the fresh stuff doesn't sound too appetising to me.

I have come across this sort of thing in the South of France occasionally - some of the chicer places like St Trop (was) don't like tourists flopping about in supermarkets and restaurants barefooted and half nekkid and make it clear.

I am bewildered by Tesco needing to dissuade shoppers from shopping in their nightgowns (whatever they might be .....) though.

I have never ever felt the urge to shop in Tesco in my nightgown.
Damn right as well and why should the rest of us have to put up with these lazy bastards bimbling around the shopping aisles.

The only people who would carry out this sort of behaviour are Chavs, Retards and Rip Van Winkle.
soleil said:
I have never ever felt the urge to shop in Tesco in my nightgown.
Will you give us a shout if you change your mind?

Seriously folks, this all the inevitable evolution of the no dress code, dress down, dress how the hell you like, equality and diversity bollox. I am reminded, though, of seeing some Middle Eastern type women outside MoD Empress State Bldg looking for all the world like they were wearing posh (ish) pyjamas.
Why do they have to pussyfoot around saying "it might cause offence" - just come out and say it:

Oi chav! Do not shop here in your pyjamas, it is filthy and you are not the kind of customers we want. While you're at it, put some shoes on, your fungus makes the aisles smell!


Lantern Swinger
I have got to say that wearing pj's in the street or in the supermarket is
just wrong Tesco has got it right.
is it not unhygienic to walk around doing your shoping in your night wear.
They should ban Lacoste next as that brand is well associated with IVDUs
and chav's. (IVDU intravenous drug users).
standing by for incoming
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