terrorists thwarted?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ohaire, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. anybody seen the noose?

    apparently some sort of flying squad types have stopped so many rag heads from detonating some sort of liquid devices on uk to us flights.

    the resultt: 21 arrests and you cant take hand luggage onto a plane now. good call. isnt that giving them what they want?
  2. Not giving them what the want or need!send them all back to where they originated from along with the whole family.Might make them think twice about trying something like this again.Standby for the backlash from the Muslim community about victimisation!
  3. I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 1 at 0630 this morning to mass chaos, the queues were so long I couldn't even get inside the terminal building. Having finally hunted down a BA rep with a clipboard and a harrassed look he told me that unless my travel was essential I should head home. It amazed me at the amount of people giving him grief, like it was his fault! Personally I feel much safer knowing that there are measures in place to act on specific threats like this.
  4. What they wanted to do was kill, instead they have caused an inconvenience at Heathrow. What else can we do.
  5. Remember Kenny Everett and his US General character?I suggest we adopt his catchphrase!
  6. By mentioning what's happened, the news has caused panic among the general public..... which is what the perpetrators wanted to cause. We should be leaving the police to do the needful and just ignore the terrorists.
  7. Nice to see the boys are still about watching our backs.

    Wondering when this river of blood will be about our Enoch mentioned a few years back. He never had a gift as they say just his eyes open!!!

    So how many did they arrest??? Nice little earner for a few more weasel solicitors.

    Yep the good old public never let us down bit of inconvenience and they let fly. Better ten minutes late than ten years early as they say.
  8. Not forgetting the community support officers of course who do a fantastic job walking the streets and popping into Morrisons for a free meal.

    Tone has left us in safe hands!!!!
    Not forgetting this comic.

    JOHN Prescott has finally got himself a new job – as the Government’s "heatwave tsar".

    The £134,000-a-year Deputy Prime Minister has taken on the task of ensuring preparations are in place in the event temperatures climb back up to last month’s record levels.

    News of his appointment came as Tony Blair left for his holiday in Barbados, supposedly leaving Mr Prescott in charge.

    A spokeswoman for Mr Prescott said: "There has already been one heatwave, so he is satisfying himself that all the plans are in place should there be another."

    His efforts to save the country from over-heating so far include speaking to Met Office officials and health ministers.

    Oliver Heald, Tory constitutional affairs spokesman, said: "It seems that the only issue the Deputy Prime Minister can be trusted with is advising people about the weather, which is a sad reflection of how little John Prescott is valued."

    The Deputy Prime Minister was sacked from virtually all his Government responsibilities following revelations of a two-year affair with his secretary.

    Before flying to the Caribbean yesterday, Mr Blair made it clear that he would keep control of efforts to find a Middle East peace himself.
  9. It's also been reported that the authorities were acting on "specific and credible intelligence". Hmmm so why is it anything bigger than a tampon, and smaller than an airbus is barred entry on flights. Yeah REAL specific, they obviously know EXACTLY what to look for!!
  10. What gets me is they live here, claim all, drain the economy, live in their own community, reject our culture, but they bloody hate the west. My question is if its so bad and they hate us so much, then why do they bloody live here??. Sod off back to where ever you came.

    May i add that in no way am i racist or a nationalist. I have many asian friends who feel the same as me.

    On the plus side the police and defence services seem to have done a great job. I cant believe some people moaning about their flights though. Some people are so self important and ignorant to the world around them!
  11. surely it would be much quicker to stop all muslims entering the airport, they should employ bouncers from doncaster whos lines vary between "id fellas?" or "not tonight pal"

    said bouncers copuld stop said muslims at the door

    much cheaper than 20 layers of security
  12. They should just ban them from getting on planes or trains! problem solved!
  13. Stereotyping is annoying, not ALL muslims are terrorists you know!
  14. That's very true but consider this, it might give the Muslim community a kick up the backside to do more to discourage terrorism. Why isn't this government making the immigrant population conform to our society - our culture? They've no balls to do that, nor seemingly the gumption to deport any immigrant who steps out of line. What a laughing stock that makes this country.
  15. could say the same about your quote regarding gay stewards ;-)
  16. It's the justificationists that are causing most of the trouble, Prods are just as guilty and catholics can be too.

    Security checks should be done on every one, banning ALL muslims would only cause trouble.

    Take Cat Stevens, he changed his name to one of an Islamic, went to the US and was refused entry.
  17. They should go one step beyond and ban all religion. Solve lots of problems surely?. Not just killing and wars but patriarchy also runs strong in most religion.
  18. That's thought-crime Roy.

    Think of the great joy most religious people get from religion - it's only an exceptionally small minority who use it for evil ends.
  19. I take you point. But how many millions have died because of it, and still are?.

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