Terrorist attack on cricket team

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  2. Very good and emmotive report back from their,on Sky tv. By a local lad Dominic Cork.ex England/Lancs/Derbyshire Cricketer . Who is out their.
  3. Are they really that bad?
  4. Pakistan needs to be turned into a glass surfaced, self illuminating parking lot.
  5. I always get confused these days when news reports say that terrorists have targeted a cricket team and the coach has been attacked. I’m never sure if their bus has been hit or the bloody manager.

    Tariq Terr may well have scored a home goal (bugger, sorry, a run out) on this one. I believe that average Pakistanis are fanatical about cricket. As this can only damage the game, it won’t do the popularity the terrs depend on any good. I think the majority of ordinary Pakistanis will have more sympathy for the Sri Lanka s than they have for the minority of their countrymen’s political aims.

    Anyway, I wish the surviving casualties a speedy and full recovery. If any terrs were hit, I wish them agony and crippledom.
  6. Australia's cricket community has expressed shock and sadness over the shootings at Sri Lanka's team in Lahore and have grave fears for the sport's international future in Pakistan.
  7. Is nothing sacred! I watched on the news with amazement as the Pakistani Police and every man and his dog trampled all over the crime scene picking up various items that had obviously been used by the terrorists.
  8. Chung and Clicky- ba is never around when you need him!!!
  9. That's because Pakistan is a Third World country with Third World attitudes. (A bit like Scotland really :wink: )

    I honestly don't know whether terrorist attacks in Pakistan occur because the terries are able to operate with little fear of detection and have a certain level of support from the population, or aim to destabalise a government that has expressed support and assisted the West against Terry Taliban and AQ in the "war on terror". Probably a bit of both.
  10. What was Chungs oppo called??
  11. Jimmy_Green, I know we have only just had an inside cludgie installed prior to that we pissed in the wee burn at the bottom of the garden.
  12. Agreed.

    Afghan and Pakistan need a simultanious bit of Enola gay style Threapy.
  13. The answer to the sticky problem of the forthcoming England v France rugger game?
  14. Was it Bill Samson, "The Wolf of Kabul" ?

    If that's correct then I must be really ancient, mustn't I ?

    :wink: :wink:
  15. Who is the cove, anyway?†“That’s the famous Bill Samson,†said an older soldier, who had been on the frontier for some years. “His real job is surveying the frontier and making maps of the mountains and passes, but he knows the native languages and customs so well he always gets the job of busting up any trouble among the Afghan and Pathan tribes. The natives call him the Wolf of Kabul.

    Send this to the Pentagon Bill Samson and Chung and Clicky -ba kicked ass while the septics played baseball long ago.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    and similar bone contributions.

    So the next time the UK get whacked, will you feel that the same should happen to us? Michael Ryan, Thomas Hamilton mean anything?

    Stay on topic, keep bone contributions out. Read the sticky.

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