Terrorism: are we bringing it on ourselves?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dunkers, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that recent terrorist atrocities have been brought on by ourselves: that they are our fault. 9/11 for example was said to be Osama bin Laden's retaliation for American aggression in Libya. Hezbollah is attacking Israel thanks to Israel's decades-old military presence in Lebanon, and its kidnapping of Lebanese and Syrians over the years (see George Galloway's recent Sky News interview). The USA is pointing the finger at Iran saying they are developing nuclear weapons (I don't think they are), which no doubt pisses them off and will result in further Asian hostility towards the West. The London tube bombings were undoubtedly a reaction to British presence in Afganistan (where a strict Sharia law was held - so it wasn't perfect in the eyes of westerners but it did keep the peace, and destroyed the opium crop). Ditto the Bali bombings.

    Think of any terrorist atrocity and then think why it happened. I cannot think of any instance which has not been brought on by western provocation.

    I propose that we keep ourselves to ourselves in this country and the terrorists will do the same, ie leave us alone. You never see a major country like China being attacked by terrorists do you?, guess why that is - because they don't interfere in middle eastern affairs.

    Light blue touch paper and retire...
  2. And exactly how reliable is all of the information that comes out of countries like China? For all we know they could be waging their own war on terror except that they would probably be more cloak and dagger about and would let their media know the consequences of any leaks.
  3. Good point but it's much more open now than it was even 20 years ago.
  4. You never hear of it in places like China because they would'nt pussy foot around with the savages if & when caught , they'd top the lot of them no trouble at all , :twisted:
  5. And what if the Tibetans got the support that organisations like Hezbollah enjoy, it wopuld be China's Vietnam. The problem is that if you want to wield influence you are going to get up the nose of somebody sooner or later. And event the Nazis with the SS and Gestapo had their problems (not that I am saying that those that opposed the Nazis were terrorists, just that if somebody is motivated enought they will fight the powers that be no matter how powerful they may be).
  6. i had a big big long post written, read it through and decided to cut it and say

    no we don't, they bring the shit to us
  7. On what provocation do they do so?
  8. The problem is that we no longer have a deterrnt Police force on the beat,our boarder control is non existant and the Govt havent got the 1st idea of who is actually in the country let alone in our jails(or not as the case maybe).what a "promised land" the UK is,troll up on our door step and in short order youre living the life of riley at the taxpayers expense!We need to stop Immigration,then find out just exactly who we have in Uk and doing what,if they have no buisness being here and are just sponging off the state,ship them back!It might help if the EU were to fine France for letting illegals in to UK via the Tunnel.Maybe next years Census would be the ideal oppertunity?
  9. i dont know, but i liken it to a child jealous of another kids toy, he cant have it, so he breaks the kids toy

    replace kids and toys with cultures and civilisation where necessary
  10. ok, here we go (again) :cry: there are hundreds of thousands of imigrants that are law abiding, very hard working citizens of this country and there are those who are genuine assilum seekers whose native government just wants them dead (for whatever reason). Great in you come. However, those "sponging" gits who are here primarily to live off our national health and wellfare system should be shipped back to thier last known port of origin......if the whole of Europe took that policy there would be no problem in the UK coz we are almost the last point contact before the US.

    How we discriminate between genuine assilum seekers and the spongers that's above my pay grade, but surely some sort of entrance test possibly?You fail you go back to France(punishment enough possibly 8) )
  11. or how about skills only? i heard they will be implementing something similar to EU migrants, ie polish, romanians

    so do it to the asylum seekers, oh wait, they dont have schools, oh well
  12. First part, " I say again, bury the bastards in a pig skin" or at least whats left of them. When they have committed an atrocity in this country,not a martyrs grave in Pakistan, as happened.
    Secondly, what happpened to the Dublin Accords that we signed? You know the one where we snd illegals back to the last safe country they passed through........................errr France, Belgium, Ireland (NTH & Sth)
    I'm pissed off with it all, and I'm not a racist either before any liberals out there have a go at me.
    RoofRat :evil:
  13. I propose that we keep ourselves to ourselves in this country and the terrorists will do the same, ie leave us alone. You never see a major country like China being attacked by terrorists do you?, guess why that is - because they don't interfere in middle eastern affairs.

    A while back we had the miners strike which was Thatchers pay back time.

    My aunt[she was german] had her sister over from East Germany special privelidges [how do you spell that word] she was very old and set in her ways so she was no risk to the state.

    She was viewing the miners fighting on the picket lines etc.

    Told me through my aunt ,if that was east germany a train would arrive from Russia the miners would be loaded on board by bayonet point sent to Siberia and never be seen or heard of again.

    Maybe China has a train someplace??
  14. The western world is a target for these dropkicks because of who we are, not what we have done.

    These people truly believe that they have Gods authority to impose their way of life on the entire world. They do not want what we have, rather they want us to give up what we have and become like them. This is what makes them so dangerous. Islam is a religion that depends on the ignorance and unquestioning obedience of its followers, therefore western ideas of personal freedom and accountability are a danger to the control these religious nutters have over their people.

    The only way of dealing with this is to eliminate the threat entirely. There can be no deals or compromises as these people will not accept anything less than total submission to their ideas.
  15. I'm with Jack here.

    The extreme brand of their religion these dunderheeds espouse regards apostasy as a capital crime. This is fundamentally incompatible with the secular democracies that comprise what is known as "the West". The sooner people grasp that simple fact the better. "Clapton is God" was a iconic phrase from the 60's. However radical your brand of Christianity and the offence taken, it is unlikely to result in physical harm. Try "Clapton is Allah" in Iran (or even areas of the UK) and prepare for public stoning or at best a good kicking.

    We did not start this - if you look at Dunkers assertions (repeated from that f*ckwit Galloway) you'll notice that :

    1. Last time US had a go at Libya was ~ 1987. ISTR that that little fracas was in response to some towelheed (sponsored by Gadaffiduck) bombing a club in Berlin. If the sanctions against Libya are aggression, do try to remember that they were in response to the murder of 200+ innocents in the Lockerbie bomb. They were also a good idea as the revelations regarding Gadaffiducks nuclear programme (with Pakistani assistance) a couple of years ago demonstrated.
    2. Israel has not had a "decades-old military presence in Lebanon". However, the PLO (until 1982) and Syria (still) and Iran (by proxy - Hezbollah) still do.

    The attitude that we should just sit tight and offend nobody will result only in delaying defeat. There's a well-known quote the detail of which escapes me, but goes something like :

    "They came for the jews and I said nothing, then they came for the wealthy, again I kept my peace, then they came for the teachers, still I kept quiet and then they came for me....and there was no-one to speak for me."
  16. Jack77 & Not_a_boffin are on the right lines, but (as with everything) it's not as simple as that.

    The fanatical wing of the "God is Great" party don't need Libya/Afghanistan/Iraq etc to hate us. They hate us because they see is as their divine duty to hate us as infidels. It must be noted that they also hate the majority of other muslims because thay don't wholeheatedly support & follow them. They see most other muslims as apostate, which is worse than us "ungodly" westerners in their warped version of their religion.

    When will fcukwits like Galloway & the rest of the "Get out of Iraq/Stan/ Lebanon/Palestine etc, buried heads in the sand t*ssers realise.
    You cannot argue/compromise with these people (NB: this is not all muslims, just AQ & the rest of their demented followers). They HATE us and our way of life & CANNOT (because of their beliefs) stop until we are destroyed.

    Repeat: They do not need any other excuse to hate us than who we are.
  17. The current leader of Iran is radical Shi'ite and a believer in the 12th prophet. What this means is that he believes that the next great prophet and saviour will wander out of a well somewhere in Iran post Armagheddon and the destruction of the infidel.

    What this means is that he is quite happy with mass death and destruction and that the proxy war with Isreal via Lebanon and the sponsorship, funding and equipping of various terrorist groups throughout the region are purely a means to an end.

    In radical Islam (Shi'ite and Sunni), death is seen as and entry point to paradise, this is drummed in to Islamic youth in Madrassas and fundamentalist mosques throughout the Islamic world.

    What this means is that normal diplomacy is almost impossible when your aggressor is working for destruction, As the end result of the chaos of armagheddon and the destruction of the infidel (that's us!), is everlasting paradise.
  18. I still think diplomacy is unrderated by a lot of countries, take Cyprus for example; they have admitted that if they had a better understanding of this, then 1974 could have been avoided.

    Terrorist these days are more on the lines of justificationists, well since 9/11 came into view. People read what they want and have another understanding of their religion to the common sense thinking.

    Bush is making a big grave for him and his followers is what I think. Less of the power trip and things may be simple again.

    But that is my view.
  19. It would appear that a lot of these terrorists actually have British Passports. Does not what they are doing amount to treason?

    There can be only one answer to treason! A fathom of hemp and the long drop, without delay! Hang the b******s!

    Then ship ALL their relatives down to the last distance cousin back to point of origin, as accomplices - if they complain that they have British Passports see above!

    Do this to two or three and most of 'em will slide out of the country at great speed to try it on elsewhere, where they can get away with it!

    No Surrender [and no Quarter either]!
  20. they dont hang people for treason no more here after some EU b'crats decided it wasnt nice

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