Terror suspects to be freed instead of deported!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by flatscrubber, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. It seems that Tony Blairs finest hour,and that is the Human rights act has struck again and some more Terror suspects will not be deported as they might face torture and instead will be allowed to walk the streets!!
    How much more can we possibly stomach of this?
    And would anyone really care if Gaddafis secret police did their worst on them?
    I personally couldn't give a f**k!
  2. Why is it that the laws of this country which are supposed to protect it's citizens are so often used to put these same citizens at risk.
    If they are unable to be deported then they should be jailed until they can find a country willing to take them.
  3. Flatscrubber, have you got a link to this report?
  4. Andy you're getting slow in your old age, beat you to the link by nearly a minute
  5. Had to wind the Camping Computer up! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Looking at the links the chairman of the immigration appeals commiteee that said these men could stay was Lord Ouseley.He's the former head of the race relations quango and another Labour placeman.
    Should someone like that really override Government decisions.
    Is a disgrace.
  7. Are you at Steve's? :lol:
  8. This really is taking the fcuking piss! In my opinion a quick double tap to both these fcuckers would solve a lot of pain and grief.
  9. Send them to Cuba (GITMO). We know how to make them talk. We'll send them on to some third rate country where you can torture them properly!

  10. USMC, taking some time off from the Drudge Forum? :)
  11. The only countries or people that are worth a damn are the Brits, the Aussies, the Isrealies and Yanks! Ya, I'm a bit to the right of the right!

    Europe is lost! It's to late for them, no matter what they do! FUCK"EM!!!

  12. FFS!!!????
    Go right of right, then left, straight ahead, up steepy stairs, straight ahead again, to the pointy bit of the ship..AND JUMP!!
  13. I have recently returned from Viet Nam and I found them to be admirable people, warm, open and honest, small in stature but as hard as nails.
  14. Couldn't make it up , what planet are these judges on , send the fxxxxxxxs back , they hate the west & all it stands for , fair enough , let them go back to their 3rd world & live like savages , they choose to live like that , their choice , they made their bed let them lye on it , cxxxs , :twisted: :evil:
  15. Why do we never learn?!?!! Religion and politics should never be mixed!! Of all the wars this world has ever seen I reckon that well over 90% were started because one gimp turned to another and said "I don't like your god he looks the wrong colour!" and has shot/stabbed/punched/fed to the tiger (delete according to time period) the other bloke.

    Also how is this country better than the others that asylum seekers come to. It's so full of bloody asylum seekers and terrorists that it's as dangerous as the country they were running away from!!

    rant over.
  16. And they certainly taught the USA a thing or two about warfare.
  17. I was in Nam in 66,67,69. They are a very nice people.Beautiful country. I would like to go back.
    But I wasn't talking about Viet-Nam or China or Costa Rica or Mexico or Maylasia or Laos or Ireland or Ice Land or Green Land or South Africa or Bolivia or.......Get it yet???? EUROPE.
  18. And, YES!, They sure did teach us something (a lot) about......A LOT!

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