Terror suspects set for release

WTF is going on in this country when terrorists considered a threat to national security are being released becasue to send them home to Libya is 'too dangerous'


PLEASE GOD SAVE US BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, oh hang on, where are all those rats going, why are my feet wet and WHO TURNED OFF THE LIGHT
It is high time that our government actuall sat down and drafted some bl**dy laws that worked. A cynic would suggest that with their connections with the legal proffession their principal reason for not doing so is that their mates on the outside get lots of lucrative Human Rights work.
I would of thought that with everything else going on in this f$%ked up world, National Security should come before anything else so get them on a plane outta here.
Without the law the country never minfd the world will become even more f*cked up. Allow the government to operate outside the law and you give them the opportunity to do all sorts of things like suspend elections, shiip you 'back' to Algeria and so on.

They have known and understod the problem with the law for long enough and still have failed to sort it out, and their incompetance is now affeting my Human Rights, if I had the cash it might be fun to take them to court over that.

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