Territorial Waters Trespass

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jack_McHammocklashing, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. How can a foreign navy trespass one and a half nautical miles into our territory, without being challenged, especially when

    1 A major warship is half a mile away
    2 An armed helo is overhead
    3 Two crewed and armed ridgid raiders are already over the side and patrolling

    The Dover - Calis ferry has pretty good radar that prevents them ploughing into the many small pleasure craft that abound, perhaps the RN could borrow the technology ?

    The local shopping centre security has HD CCTV that can see in full colour what jacket a person is wearing and how many buttons it has from 1000mts away

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  2. It takes some skill I'll admit! complacancy springs to mind! Again!!
  3. I agree with safewalrus, probably complacancy.
  4. Uninformed drivel comes to mind

  5. Is it too much to ask you actually read the MoD's briefing on the incident before posting?

  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    welcome back to planet earth - while you have been away things have moved on - in order to preserve your credibility as a serious commentator on current affairs might I suggest you do some research prior to transmitting...
  7. 'our territory'?
  8. Nuke Them
  9. OK Jack I will take the bait.

    Ferries, this excellent radar did not prevent a Brittany Ferries ship running down a 40 ft yatch (Alledgedly) recently in the channel. As an ex-RP the sets are only as good as the person looking at them.

    The Helicopter was not over head but being refueld on board HMS Cornwall who was eight miles, yes 8 MILES AWAY. source MOD.

    Thank you and good night.


  10. SH1T, when did this happen??????
  11. Perhaps there is a case for the the MoD procuring a number of small FACs (HMS' Cutlass, Scimiter, Sabre and Tenacity type vessels spring to mind) to provide force protection to the boarding parties in these waters. Cornwall appears to have been constrained from intervening by shallow water (I read somewhere) but FACs may have been able to station themselves more closely to the problem area and react quickly enough to interspose themselves between the Iranaians and the Boarding party RIBs.

    Corwall etc would still provide the C3 but the FACs would provide local deterrence and defence.

    Such FAC type vessels may also have utility as force protection assets in helping prevent terrorist attacks of the sort that hit the USS Cole several years ago.
  12. Nice one, Centurion.

    Maybe a stoppage of tot would be in order until he has caught up.
  13. That sounds like a credible solution to stopping this from happening again. The only issue being that the government and the Navy will never pay to do that, why, because it makes sense and would, in all probability, be effective. Why do that when we can produce some nice shiny booklets to explain whatever new admin change is going through this month! Our hands are tied by our budget and the fact that the pittance we recieve is spent incorrectly a lot of the time.
  15. fecking hell not much has changed in the few weeks I've been orf.
  16. Even DUMBARTON/LEEDS CASTLE would be a useful asset in those waters.
  17. OK
    So the RP sets are only as good as the operator, says a lot

    The helicopter was 8 miles away getting refuelled, how fast do these things fly

    and the dingies were dangling alongside a ship that was getting checked out

    All three sat with their knicks down and got jumped, a modern navy to be proud of

    Seriously it is beyond a joke, a major warship, in "hostile" waters
    (well there is a peace keeping excercise going on close by after a little fracas four years ago, so no threat there then)

    RP to Bridge, four banyan boats left IRANIAN waters and heading for us SIR
    Aye Aye very good break out the BBQ
    Very good Sir
    Bridge to Flight Deck, take your time refuelling there, we are having visitors Jolly good

    They are supposed to be on a war footing not hands to bathe

    As for the bbc pics on board, when the announcement was made, the male leading hand with his head in his elbow sobbing J H C, What would he do when his oppo had just had his head blown off ala 1982
    What would he do digging kids out of Aberfan ala Oct 66
  18. Iraqi territory, that "we" have undertaken to patrol and protect :lol:

    The best? NAVY in the world out smarted by a bunch of wogs. in rubber boats :oops:
  19. There's a video clip of the Iranians with the RN boarding party on the Daily Telegraph site
    The Iranians were in 'rigid' go fasts with what looked like a .50 Cal mounted on the fwd deck.

    As for the Cornwall being 8 miles away from the scene the mind really boggles --------------
  20. Your comments are obtuse and frankly hugely insulting to every serving person in the RN. From your naïve attitude, I see you have failed to realise that we are living in the 21st century. Things have changed a bit since the days of bouncing around the North Atlantic attempting (badly) to find the odd Soviet submarine. Conducting constabulary boat operations at range from the ship in complicated waters is now routine for the RN. There are very few areas that are black and white. We are not at war with Iran and the Rules of Engagement reflect that – we cannot go blasting people out of the water on a whim. Furthermore, there are those who would argue that sending 15 armed personnel to conduct a routine, relatively benign inspection is overkill - who are we supposed to please?

    Have things really changed since 1982? - I don't think so. Was there no-one who shed a tear at any stage? they just didn't have a TV camera stuck in their face when they did it – welcome to the 21st century media, they want a sensational story – live with it.

    And as for submission in the face of overwhelming force then I assume that you think those Booties in Stanley during the invasion should have fought to the death rather than give up?

    The RN is still the best navy in the world. Why? Because we get stuck in and conduct operations just such as these. We don't shy away from the problems because we are too risk averse to be effective (like many a navy I could mention). Don’t be fooled by what you see in the media, those guys and girls in CORNWALL are as professional as any you are likely to meet and are doing a bloody difficult job. They should be credited with not kicking off a shooting war with Iran and they certainly do not deserve to be subjected to idle crap and supposition such as you have provided

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