Terreblanche Hacked to Death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by In_my_day, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Eugene Terrerblanche has been killed over a pay dispute. Apparently he refused to give 2 workers the normal bonus to travel home over the Easter LWE, it got ugly and they killed him with parangs. No great loss to the gene pool, IMO, but it appears that there is more concern locally about the fact that farm workers were singing a banned ANC freedom song "that incites race hatred". "Local white farmers are nervous" it is reported, resulting in Juma calling "for calm".

    I include a link merely to save the inevitable call for one from those that must think OPs make this stuff up, Happy Easter :albino: http://news.sky.com/skynews/World-News
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    As you say no great loss, surprised he has lasted for long to be fair. The bigger picture may be slightly worrying. I can see a descent into "Zimbabwean" style politics of envy in the not to distant future.
  3. Can't see it myself - Zuma has been quick off the mark condemning it and calling for calm plus no-one (not even Zuma who is a staunch supporter (in public) of Mugabe) can see anything but disaster in the way Zimbabwe has been handled and what would happen to the next economically stable State that tried to follow it down the same road.

    Ref Terreblanche - got what was coming to him after years of incitement but politically it would have been better for him to have just died of old age.
  4. I think you're right at a national level but the loacl reporter's emphasis this morning was on what will happen locally and as then whether this will escalate. I don't know enough about the internal working of the country but it was telling how quickly he condemmed it.

  5. RIP Eugene you crusty old Boer what would these Roinecks know.
    Sarie Marais
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ironically (solely in the context of South Africa) it rather proves his point!
  7. Got a cousin out there running his farm[ex-two and a half RN ringer] so spent some time there[you do when it's a free holiday] he had no time for him but reckoned when he did go it would depend on who took over the mantle.
    A firebrand of the same but with more aggression or someone who knows all have to live in peace.
    I'm not sure which but I do know the Boers want a separate state at any cost.
    We'll see later, the latter I hope as I love the country,nearly emigrated there after demob but wife dug her heels in,maybe for the best the way the violence is there now.
  8. It is probably a bit of an obscure observation but with the World Cup just around the corner I would think everyone from Zuma down to local tribal elders will be hell bent on keeping the lid on any excesses.

    The big question is whether the AWB leadership will see political gains to be had from taking the opposite stance and playing the martyr card - interesting to observe and, since I wasn't going to go to the World Cup anyway, not likely to change my personal life one iota.

    I still think this will be handled through the judicial process (and seen to be done in a fair and balanced way) so, hopefully, political agitation will be kept to a minimum and the hotheads (if they do show themselves) will be exposed as nothing more than opportunist anarchists and troublemakers.
  9. I won't loose any sleep over his demise, nasty racist so and so that he was. :)
  10. Hard to tell from the media reports into this incident alone just how much of a following he and his organisation have/had? Can you guys expand on this at all.
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    According to this article in the New York Times from the AWB's glory days they had the support of up to 7 % of the European population of Sooth Eefrika. Whether or not that translated to organised membership, I don't know.

    New York Times 1988

    E T-B and the AWB didn't do themselves any favours with their brown shirts and Naziesque symbolism. Can't recall them putting petrol filled tyres around the necks of their enemies and reaching for the Zippo though. IIRC from a documentary on yer man, he didn't come across as a charismatic Boer General he looked. It takes more than a beard and a horse to be De la Rey.

    In a report just screened on BBC World, the reporter seems to dis him because he predicted civil war if Blacks took power ' he was wrong'. Oh really? If the white South Africans living in the UK of my acquaintance are anything to go by, they will drop everything to return and fight for their Volk if things get nasty. And that's not just the Dutch. Maybe it is still too early to say 'he was wrong'.
  12. Daft Bugger.
  13. The AWB has now said his death will be avenged. I think Broadside may be on to something, let's see how the government; and others; react.

    Edited to correct afternoon on the lash spelling!
  14. no loss to gene pool, a go nowhere organisation etc etc but, it is the return to the old african way. if you disagree get to work with the panga/machete. kenya, zimbabwe, rwanda etc etc i'd be a little scared myself if i was living there.
  15. I'm sure he will be deeply missed by all those who like to dress up as stormtroopers at the weekend. :wink:
  16. Too late, hes already a grandad. :?
  17. I always find it fascinating that rightwing fanatics are reviled and that their crossing of the of the bar is a usually a source of glee. How that contrasts with the passing of leftwing fanatics. Just perhaps, fanatics need opposite fanatics to draw lines in the sand to give some clue as to how far they can push.
  18. I think you'll find that only the 'Morning Star', defunct British Communist Party rag, gave Stalin a glowing obituary. :wink:
    Generally correct though, but industrial wreckers, fluffy thinkers and fellow travellers are so much more acceptable especially in death, than rabid Boers.
    On the subject of SA it seems that nowadays the poor whites are moving into shanty towns.
    My heart bleeds purple pish.
  19. Some nice footage of the racist idiots funeral here, I like the salute and the flags. Retards.
    Bye bye moron

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