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Hi all,

Just to fill you in, I have a selection interview for the RNR very soon and would like to apologise in advance if this has been covered before.
The FR2020 began in April 2012 and I would just like anyone "in the know" to let me (and probably many others like me) know of the terms of service of joining the RNR.

Many thanks
I have indeed spoken to the careers office. I wanted this to be a thread for anyone like myself wishing to join having a clear idea of the TOS of the RNR with some good pointers and even dits, things you don't get from an AFCO. I don't know exactly how long you need to stay in for and to me it is not particularly important but might be good knowledge for a selection interview.


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There isn't a "return of service" such as the regulars have. Unless you're mobilised - in which case you can't say you want to leave! But you've got a lot of training to get through until the point at which you are worth mobilising, so if it isn't for you you're not stuck with any commitment.

I believe it is one month's notice you have to give - but you don't have to go to all the drill nights etc in the run up to that leaving. Mainly you just have to hand back all your kit.

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