Tenet -Iraq Like A Slow-Motion Car Wreck

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Bergen, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. The ex-head of the CIA has been giving a series of interviews to promote his new book. He confirms what a lot of people already know about the lack of planning and foresight in this US/UK enterprise and has effectively turned on Bush and Cheney.

    For anyone who has read "Fiasco; The American Military Adventure in Iraq" by Thomas E. Ricks none of what George Tenet has to say will come as much of a surprise but he does very effectively confirm much of what Ricks has written. Like Ricks he ties the entire sorry saga to the actions of the American Viceroy L. Paul Bremer. In 2003, his orders to disband the Iraqi Army and to commence total de-Ba'athification of Iraqi society were the twin sparks that ignited the civil-war.

    Tenet confirms that there was never a clear plan devised by the USA for the aftermath of the illegal invasion and has one interesting comment about the Coalition Provisional Authority " The sh*t hit the fan and we had to rely on the British to tell us what was going on because there was no political reporting out of the CPA."

    LINK> http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1615848,00.html

    It's interesting watching the Republicans begin to implode and later today we will be able to watch one of the prime neoconservative architects of the Iraq invasion, Paul Wolfowitz, as he attempts to remain as President of the World Bank.

    Shrub has a certain knack of appointing utter incompetents to high office and the Schadenfreud of watching them fall is very pleasing. IMHO Madam Supertanker will be the next. :roll:

  2. I regard Tenent's lack of spine as a major factor too.

    This smells just the same as Sir Jeremy Greenstock's attempt to adopt slopey shoulders.

    Why Bremner isn't sitting in jail somewhere escapes me.
  3. Yep, read the book, what was it some US General said? 'Bremmer snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and gave us a civil war' or something like that.

    Putting 500,000+ trained troops who you had promised to look after if they did not fight you on the dole and leaving them penniless was hardly the smartest of Bremmer's may stupid moves.
  4. It's interesting that Shrub awarded L. Paul Bremer III, George Tenet and General Tomas Francovic the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the same ceremony. How this Trio of Total Toss-Pots managed to be nominated for the highest US civilian award is anyone's business. Everyone knows that Texas is the shallow-end of the US gene-pool but this is ridiculous :lol:

    Bush's record of appointing and rewarding incompetents is simply stunning and the writing seems to be on the wall for Wolfowitz after Bush said earlier today that he has full confidence in his appointee to the World Bank. That is usually the kiss of death. Revelations that Wolfie's security expenses are $5,000,000 a year and that he is desperately trying to stay employed at the Bank until June 1st so he can pick up a $400,000 bonus are the frosting on the cake :D

  5. Tenet sounds like a whiny kid in summer school explaining why he's there. Bottom line here is that someone blew it and it was him. The intelligence community in several nations all concurred about Saddam's WMD and none have retracted so that I won't blame Bush for. He made the right decision based on the information he had. Nor will I state that the war and invasion was "illegal" as does Bergen. As all will recall there was a small matter of a UN mandate and authorization. Bush gets the blame for believing Rummy and Bremer. Rummy didn't plan for an insurgency because he thought all those Ba'athists would just lie down and not want there super privileged life back. DUH? Guess he never heard of the three year insurgency in Germany from 45-48. Bremers second biggest mistake was believing that the new Iraqi government would arrest Muqui al Sadr as promised instead of killing the little bastard when we had the chance in '04. Governments in the middle east don't arrest Muslim clerics. Period.

    Bush should be hung out to dry for going to war with a peace time military and waiting five years to increase it's size. Unforgivable.

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