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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by tentoes, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. How the time flies;
    The Battle for Al Faw

    On this morning ten years ago a USMC CH-46 Sea Knight crashed in the first wave of 42 Cdo's assault to blocking positions at the North end of the Al Faw peninsular, along with the four Us aircrew, Eight men from 3 Cdo Bde were killed in the crash, they were:

    Maj Jason Ward RM
    Cpt Philip Stuart Guy RM
    Wo2 Mark Stratford RM
    CSgt John Cecil RM
    Sgt Les Hehir RA
    LBdr Llyweyn Evans RA
    OM Ian Seymour RN
    Mne Sholto Hedenskog RM
  2. You posting this made me google up the dates of the two local lads killed in Iraq.
    One was 2005 Pte Phillip Hewett, and the SAS lad Sgt John Battersby killed in the Puma crash.
    It dosen't seem that long ago, but I expect it seems years to their NoK.
    RIP lads.
  3. I imagine there will be a post up tomorrow for another crash.

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