Ten Point Inland Cruise

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Canaldrifter, May 11, 2007.

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  1. I have been very quiet on here recently.

    There is good reason.

    If you want to know, please check out www.narrowboatworld.com under the 'canaldrifter' column.

    In reality I can't see me doing more than about four points.

    If you want to sponsor me, please email me using the site email button.

    Government financial cuts are not only threatening ships and boats on the salty wobbly stuff. They are also undermining our heritage, the inland waterway system. I know I won't get far, but I am trying to raise awareness of what Defra is doing, to those on the towpath who really don't know.

    And if I'm in your area and you fancy a trip aboard give me an email. I need all the help I can get.

    cheers me dears
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Good luck mate, I will see you at Crick. I will e-mail so you can let me know your route, might be able to give you a hand with a few locks during the weekends.
  3. Good Luck Tony. I have e-mailed you with sponsorship.

    Take care as you go and enjoy the trip
  4. Thanks for your support, guys!

    Well, Dreamcatcher has now made three points, and is heading off for the fourth.

    With considerable help from friends, family, and other idiots we've been to the southernmost point on the waterway system, Godalming, one of the westernmost, Bristol Floating harbour, the very top of the navigable Thames and slightly beyond at Lechlade, and we're now heading up the Oxford canal, hoping to reach one of the northernmost points, probably Tewitfield, where the M6 culverts the Lancaster canal near Kendal, in about five or six weeks.

    You can catch up with a slightly more detailed update on the abovementioned website. I will shortly be starting a blog too.

    Will keep you informed.
  5. I'll happily sponsor you. What are the total number of points (to give me an idea of the total cost) on your ten point cruise? :clown:

    PS: You seem to have had more than your fair share of cuts, CD! Perhaps they are trying to tell you something? :wink:
  6. Um.... ten.

    Well..... it is doubtful that I'll get beyond about five.... if I'm lucky. Now checking out a folding wheelchair.

    Anyone designed floatation gear for a wheelchair? Could fit it to the wheels like the choppers. Might even float the right way up. Hang on... do I actually need a boat in that case? Floatation gear on the wheels. Paddles fitted to the wheels. a Tiller fitted at the front?


    I must be stuck on cuts. G spot ones, canals, Defra..... it's all there innit? Even stuck is cuts backwards wih a k.
  7. And where would your crew sit if you did go with a "floating chair"?
  8. They'd be pushing....
  9. You can get inflatable wheelchair cushions. All you need is to wear it round your neck and release yourself from the chair as you fall into the drink... or in your case CD, CUT yourself free, preferably without puncturing your floaty cushion with your seaman's knife! :biggrin:
  10. AAC
    CD is an ex wafu tiff and as such being the crem de la crem did not get issued with a pussers dirk. Anyway as an ex woo he should know that the floatation gear on choppers rarely worked. It was normally torn off on impact on a lynx.
    best of luck with your voyage CD
  11. I remember as an Comms Rating in the RNXS being told WE woz the creme de menthe! :wink: (In my case, VERY GREEN!)

    Anyway as all G Spot nozzers joined initially as SEAPERSONS surely they were entitled to a pusser's dirk - if only to puncture the over-inflated pride of some of their Instructors! :wink:
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Keep at it CD, might have been easier if we had a summer eh! Don't forget to e-mail me when you get this side of the country. Was on the Grand Union week before last near Stratford and there is no way you could get a wheelchair down any of the towpaths or past half the locks. Someone appears to have neglected to remind BW that grass grows in the summer and weeds grow faster! Mind you they probably can't afford to pay anyone to do it. There's a job opportunity there, will have to look into it!
  13. Oi!! I 'ad a pussers dirk! I was probably the only wafoo tiff in the andrew with a coxwains badge, thanks to g spot days.

    Floatation gear used to work on the Wessex OK. Turned 'em upside down beautifully.
  14. You don't frighten me with your pussers dirk, I've got a Granny in the Mau Mau
  15. I know. She spoke at the local Womens Institute last Friday.
  16. Makes interesting reading Drifter....lucky you. Do you have a "dreamcatcher" on Dreamcatcher?? Safe journeys mate...
  17. Thanks for the update....an enjoyable read. :thumright:
  18. Dreamcatcher is now drifting about between Abram and Anderton, mostly on the Bridgewater Canal, awaiting the lock maintenance closure programme to end.

    We did reach the fourth point, namely the northermost point on the waterways, at Tewitfield, on the Lancaster Canal. This involved going across the tidal salty bit at the Ribble Link, twice (oooweeer). But we made it.

    We also made it across the Pennines twice, on the Rochdale Canal, returning across the Leeds and Liverpool.

    If you'd like to read the story, please do so on:

    www.narrowboatworld.com in the 'canaldrifter' column.

    Also please note my post under 'The Afterlife'. I do intend to continue the sponsored cruise next year. I want to get to Ripon, depending on many factors, but might do the Birmingham network first. Watch this space.

    Cheers me dears.

    Uncle Tone.

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