Temporary NSRT Replacement Matrix


Update: This no longer applies, in person NSRT sittings are taking place again.

Hi all,
I've had a response about what AFCO's are using to temporarily replace the NSRT during the current situation, confirmed what I suspected for me but for everyone else it's attached here. Though will add that they are willing to keep applications open that don't meet this until something else can be done, but for now to progress you need to meet this for your role/branch.


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Exceptional circumstances require unique interim measures to maintain recruitment I guess. Not perfect by any means but the alternative is to cease recruiting until the C-19 measures are relaxed or mitigate potential training risk.

Reading through your previous posts - Aircrew Officer, aged 27/28? Applications cannot move forward until Face to Face medicals resume as I understand it. That includes the additional Aircrew Medical.

Understandably, there will be a backlog once things move forward, so be prepared for further delays.

Looking on the bright side, at least the the upper age limit for commissioned aircrew was revised upwards just as you reached the upper age bracket a couple of years back. Result.

Best of luck in your aspirations, hope all goes well.


Yeah, just sharing this here so others have some firm info too, the age range change is why I'm applying now, I had aged out last I looked into it, until I found out about the change. Thanks!


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Interested to know how you obtained this information as it is not for public consumption. FOI request?

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I presume that's what the FOI in the top right corner means.

Although why shouldn't it be in the public domain?
I saw the FOI in the corner and rather than CBRNDC State 3 Condition YANKEE. I’d ask.

It is no different to (not) knowing the RT score for your chosen branch.

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Yeah I did get it from an FOIA request, cut out the persec, useful to me to confirm what grades I would need so thought others might find it useful too and reinforces that the branch scores we do have are at least somewhat accurate.


How does it work then? Do you add up the RT score of all your GCSEs? I've just given myself a RT score of 164. Seems way too high.


I think you take the equivalent GCSE for each one, English Lang for Literacy, Maths for Numeracy, not sure for Reasoning, perhaps science grades?


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How does it work then? Do you add up the RT score of all your GCSEs? I've just given myself a RT score of 164. Seems way too high.
That's because you only have the scoring matrix and not the info on how to use it. You've only been given half the story and I'm not giving you the other half
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I've also been told this and using your pdf if I add up my GCSE's I get 96/120. However, I've just completed a mock test version in the given time and got 108/120 first attempt.
So I guess it's either score lower and proceed or wait for all this to be over and potentially score a lot better.
Not sure what to do at the minute as the role I am going for is Officer (RNR), whether the score would make me ineligible.
Just a point to add though this matrix doesn't reference A-level/BTEC grades, so not sure how that effects it.


The matrix is used as a baseline for RT equivalency. Not all of your GCSE/National 5's are taken into account. There is set criteria and a way to allocate such scores.

@jsdoddy it wont reference A-level/BTEC grades as these are not taken into consideration while working out the equivalent RT score.
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