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I am in the process of joining the Navy and have already passed my recruitment test and selection interview however yesterday I had my medical and was declared temporarily unfit. This was a suprise to me, I consider myself to be physically fit and healthy. The doctor explained he needed to see records from my GP regarding a minor head injury from when I was 10 (I am now 20) and an arm I broke when I was 14. So I signed a consent form allowing him to do so. He asked if either had caused any issues since then and I explained they hadn't. He told me I had essentially "passed", it just wasn't an official pass. But what happens now and is there anything I need to do? Will the careers office or the doctor contact me and arrange another medical? Or will he review my records and simply pass me (if all is as it should be)? Is there anything I can do to shorten this delay? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Go to your GP and explain you need to prove to the RN that you have no issues since you broke your arm and had the head injury. Get the GP to write you a letter to that effect. You need to do the leg work or you'll be hanging around for months.

Am not a doctor however I've been TMU for 6 months and it's all about chasing the paperwork. Good luck!

Edited to say, once you have letters from your GP, get a copy to your AFCO either take it in or email it across, that then initiates the booking of another medical. You may/may not have to attend the next medical, however the letters you provide will then be reviewed by the Capita Doctor and you'll be told either in person if you attend, or Doctor will phone you to explain if he needs more information (hopefully not) or if you've passed!

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Great advice squash. Do you think that will work though? Won't my careers officer think I'm being a nuisance and just tell me to wait until CAPITA have my records? I'll give it a try though. Thanks for responding.
Up to you really, I'd jump at the chance to push it through quicker. I have to send letters through my CA to get them to Capita, but this isn't optional for me! My CA understands this and is really helpful, nothing's a problem etc. Anyone can sit on their ass, I adopt the go get it attitude! Good luck!

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Very informative link Ninja. It's a shame I didn't read it sooner. I had no idea something like a broken arm from years ago would hold up the process.
Update: Just spoke to the careers office and they've told me they wouldn't send a letter on to CAPITA and that I'd just have to wait. I guess I'll just have to pester my GP.


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Really? Maybe they're confident it'll get sorted quickly? I have to send my letters through to my CA or Capita wouldn't get them. Awkward!

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@Ninja_Stoker As stated I have been declared TMU and my GP will be sending further medical infomation to the medical examiner however there is one thing I am worried about that I had not thought of. At the age of sixteen (4 years ago) I was struggling to cope with very difficult circumstances at home and went to my GP for help, she referred me to a youth counselor who I only saw once. I do not know if she diagnosed me as "depressed" and am worried is she has as I never stated it on my medical form. I don't believe I was depressed and have never had any issues since then or taken anything like anti depressants. However will the examiner see this as a problem? If she did put me down as depressed will I be given a chance to explain this? I know you're not a doctor but you seem knowledgable, what do you think?

Any help would be appreciated


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It is more likely to be an issue if not declared & subsequently found to be on the medical record as it's a specific question on the medical questionnaire, so it's unwise to deliberately not declare.

As long as there are no related recurring instances, self harm, prolonged treatment, etc., the medical aspect is usually OK once two or three years clear.

Obviously, as you're aware, definitive guidance can only be given by the medical examiner.
I see, if they think it is an issue will they ask me back to the medical office to discuss it? I never deliberately left it out and am now very worried!

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