Temporarily medically unfit

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ben93, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Just a couple of questions;

    Got made TMU today, have to go back for a 'Re-med' in 3 months, the Doctors reasons for this was A. He wanted to send off a referral to Portsmouth, due to my scoliosis not sure if I'll have to go see a service consultant though? & B. Because im under 18, he says they have to go completely by BMI and cant take waist into account so I have to loose about a stone and a half - Any advice on how to loose weight this quick would be good!

    Also, will I do the PJFT when the Doctor has cleared me completely or will I go ahead and take it whilst TMU?


  2. Ben

    Re needing to lose a stone and a half, I was wondering whether you could check out a Weightwatchers' class near you? I know that it might sound silly, but guys do go to them and some of their class leaders are male.

    There will be other suggestions, equally good; I thought I would throw this one in to the mix for you to consider.
  3. Waist 34. BMI 28
  4. You'll probably not need to see a Service consultant regarding the scoliosis - they will likely make the decision based on the paperwork.
  5. Ah thats good then. Thanks for that.
  6. Best way to lose weight is to stop eating shit and exercise lots. Simples, no need to diet just eat health and burn more than you eat.
  7. when i was TMU i was still allowed to take the fitness test. Also you shouldn't have to worry about the BMI thing, im 17 and way 95 KG, but being 6 foot tall this wasn't a problem, even though the BMI chart said I was over weight. They declared me fit (I had an ear problem) after a referal to Portsmouth, and i didn't need to see a specialist. It only took about a week.
  8. Wow, will have to see what happens then mate, im a similar height - i'll be awaiting the news from Portsmouth!
  9. Out of curiosity what was the ear problem?
  10. What mate?
  12. No, I only make it half ten.
  13. I'll go and get them after standeasy.
  14. was called Otis Externa, like a skin condition inside the ear. Had cleared up mostly by my medical, but because I had used a steroid cream within the last 3 years it had to be reffered. Was just the doc covering my back so I didn't have any problems when I go to Raleigh.

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