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Temporarily Medically Unfit - What do I do now?


Sorry if this has been done to death, but I'm majorly freaking out right now and couldn't find anything about this by searching the website.

Long story short, I had my medical and am TMU because I had a reaction when I was 12 which I thought was an allergy but was potentially just an infection or side effect (White, painless and harmless blisters caused by topical skin adhesive if it matters).

I've called my GP and made an appointment in about a week and explained what's happened to my ACLO, but I was wondering if there's anything else I should be doing? The doctor today wasn't very clear about potential waiting times either, so does anyone know how long I should expect to wait for an outcome?

Thanks for your help.


Aww, thanks Angrydoc! That has made me feel so much better, seriously. I'm seeing the GP on Tuesday so I'll ask her then. I really thought I had absolutely no chance but I'm all kinds of optimistic now! Thank you both so so much. <3


Lantern Swinger
I realise being made TMU is daunting, but it appears that the AFCO Dr acted on the information you gave - a reaction to something, or allergy, as you describe. He / she is acting correctly in ensuring that you do not have a significant problem and if proved so, then you should be able to continue. It is always best to play safe and the Drs are directed by Naval Doc's responsible for recruiting to investigate on these matters.

Hope all goes well.

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Nemesis - white, painless blisters are not part of any IgE-mediated response. What the OP has described is a reaction to a plaster. Such a minor thing should not delay things. There's playing safe and there's playing safe - this is insane as no one would have investigated this reaction at the time as there would have been no clinical indication, therefore nothing for a civvy GP to write a letter about. This is what I mean by medical common sense, or lack of.

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Morning AD. I know what you mean, but the MEs are put under pressure to be cautious and will always default to the safe setting. If this chap / chapess made it through to Raleigh etc, I would be confident that they would be picked up on pre-entry review or on entry and possibly NFA-MED, something no-one wants.

It is insane, doesn't boil my effluent, but really frustrates and despite past best efforts doesn't change. I think we have discussed Occ Med vs the Rest of the World in the past and their influence on real medical matters and that is where the pressure amounts from aided by Primary Care docs t Phase 1s. Being brutally honest - it f***s me off too!

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Thanks for all of your support guys. :) My ACLO reckons it won't be a problem (and gave me a mild bollocking for being what she described as "too honest") and my GP has actually asked me to stop calling and they'll let me know when they get the letter.

But what you've said is all fair enough, I totally understand why the doctor was so cautious (it is her job after all) but even the guys at the AFCO said that they normally have problems with this particular doctor because she is so very by-the-book.

On the plus side, I'm up to Scotland for a submarine acquaint next week so I might come home to some really good news! I'll let you know how it works out. :)


War Hero
My ACLO reckons it won't be a problem (and gave me a mild bollocking for being what she described as "too honest")
Frankly, I rather think your ACLO needs a bollocking for even inferring people should lie to gain entry - it speaks volumes for the integrity of the ACLO to be honest. Not good.


That's fair. I did think it was a bit odd to encourage candidates to do something which the letters clearly state will have pretty serious consequences. I'm thinking that she might have just been a bit stressed; quite a few of us were TMU apparently, so that would explain the snappiness. She's been ace apart from that though.


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To be fair it is hugely frustrating when applicants are made TMU but it's a necessary evil.

Dozens of Ratings have arrived at HMS Raleigh in recent months only to be sent home again due to medical conditions that have not been properly investigated. Better TMU than medically discharged.
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