Temporarily Medically Unfit - Advice Please!


I've had my triage call this morning and have been made TMU, on the basis of a knee dislocation in 2010, and then an injury to the knee in 2015, she asked if surgery was needed which it wasnt, and told her i was advised just to rest the knee and had physio therapy in 2010 :) I also told her i've lost around 5 stone since then so due to lifestyle change there has been no problems since 2015.

Also had anti depressants for 4 weeks back in May 2016, in hindsight, it wasn't anxiety but more low mood due to a bad working environment in my previous job.

She said the next steps will be to contact my GP and im guessing they will confirm the above what i have said?

I'm hoping all the above will be ok and i won't be made permanently medically unfit?

Any feedback or experience with similar situations/ timescales would be great :) Thank you
So long as you're currently in good health, by the time you visit your GP and they confirm in writing saying that you're fine, capita will then receive that confirmation and you'll be put through to your 1 to 1 with the nurse. I went through roughly the same thing where I accidentally filed the medical paperwork wrong saying I had neck issues when I didn't. The best thing to do is to see your GP and have them confirm you are indeed in good health and that the problem they flagged you under as TMU, is no longer an issue. Hope this helps
Well initially from being made TMU, I visited my GP a few days after, they then sent the paperwork over to Capita and had to wait around 2 weeks time to hear the overall verdict as to whether my application can be put forward or not. After the 2 week wait, I received the confirmation through from capita saying they will put my application through, then around a week later I had my 1 to 1 medical


So I had a long medical process as well for some similar things. I broke my ankle 2 and a half years ago and required surgery and a plate put in. Also had anti depressants in 2004 but was due to bereavement.
So after traige I was also TMU until they got all the documentation from my doctor. That took ages I had to call my doctors a few times to make sure they had received the forms and that they were filling them back out to send back which they wventually did.
A doctor reviewed the notes and were happy enough to send me to the medical. My medical was in Glasgow and the doctor was happy with my ankle as I hve full mobility required very little recovery after surgery and only one bout of physio. He also said the antidepressants were fine as long as the episode was over 2 years ago and I also explained it was due to a bereavement and they were absolutely fine with it.
I also had an issue with my knee years ago and like you I have shifted 4 stone in weight and it was attributed to my weight more than likely and again they were absolutely fine about it all.
Also if you have a good relationship with you GP it may be handy to chat with them about it so that they can put on their report to Capita your side of it as well as my GP did. Hope this helps

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