Temporarily Medical unfit

I am really looking for some sort of help, I was temporarily medically unfit due to the fact that during my medical a mild left sided rib hump was observed, I have already went to the physiotherapist for assessment and no hump was found whatsoever and I have no limitations on either side of my body, the physiotherapist already gave me a letter of clearance but that's not really my worry I am not from the uk and they requested medical records from my GP back in the Caribbean they have written to them regarding the rib hump and also a previous episode of self harm that occurred over 12 years ago, the problem is my GP has no knowledge of the self harm as it is something that I never required medical help for neither was I diagnosed as having mental issues. Would the fact that there are no medical records for that one episode of self harm deem me medically unfit? I have read that people have been medically unfit because of self harm and I am so worried at this point, I really want to join the Royal Navy


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If there's nothing on your records about self harm there's a fair chance a one off episode 12 years ago will not be a show stopper unless there are other recorded mental health issues.

With regard the rib, as long as it does not restrict your mobility and full range of movement, nor hinders breathing (now or previously), it should be OK unless the cause is considered significant. Was it broken?
Thank you so much for responding, No it was never broken, the physiotherapist did a thorough examination on me and there was no observation on the said "rib hump". Or anything else. I have no limitation on any side of my body and both side can withstand the same amount of pressure.And regarding the incident of self harm it was once never ever had I done it again and honestly I regret ever doing it.

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