Tell me why... I don't like Mondays


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Except this coming one.

I'm off to BRNC on Monday, and I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all those that have answered my bone questions along the way. This has been a long time coming (2 years) and I can't bloomin' wait!

You all take it easy, and I'll post as soon as I get a break from ironing.

You've all been great

Happy days.




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I'll be down there in a few weeks - I'll keep an eye out for the harrassed expression behind the big blue bag.....


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The only snag about this time of the year is you have to go back and do PLX/ACE in winter, otherwise you haven't really done Dartmouth ;-)

Only real Officers do PLX in the snow!!!!!!

Enjoy it, I did, and have fun. Remember this is only the start of your training. Get sleep when you can. Do not put off something till tomorrow unless you know you will have time to do it then. Keep a sense of humour.

Finally if you are about to do something and it does seem right think what it would sound like if it was your defence at Court Martial or on the front page of The Sun.

My "friend" wants to take a Picket Boat to Slapton Sands on the Sun before he passes out. If my "friend" had thought it through and said...

"Sir I thought I could take the boat on to the beach holding it off using my skills alone. I did not think that a fishing line would wrap round the prop shaft causing me to beach said boat.... and have the rescue boat do the same and have to have a passing dive boat do the job"

then things might not have worked out the way it did. Not that it has stopped me making Lt Cdr and having a good career.

And that brings me to the next point. No matter what you do someone else has done it before. If you make a mistake brush it off and get on. It all comes under character building.
Hey Sara!
Your starting tomorrow means that my starting date is 7 weeks closer! Good luck, enjoy it, keep us updated and see you there in June!

And thanks for the stuff you sent me, t'was very helpful!

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