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Telemark Skiing Champs - Anyone Interested?


Army Telemark are hosting a Tele Champs in Austria between 5 and 15 Jan 08. Pucker races over proper tele courses with prizes. Coaching will be available from the Slovenian National Coach and x-national team racer as well as BASI

Costs are minimal and we are expecting Royal to come and try to win back the glory that was wrenched from their mitts at the RN Champs last year - well almost wrenched.

Come on Royal show us your talent and get your arses to the Champs.

PM me if you are interested.


Secretary Army Telemark.


I'd worry more about you getting from Dunedin mate. Pussers planks and alico boots are a thing of the past where these champs are concerned. Replaced by high plastic, 4 buckle scarpas and GS skis!


old45marine said:
I think you may find that the Lad's are a bit busy with the Tailban to to win back the glory at Telemark. :whew:

If they get their skates on they'll be home in time for Christmas!