Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budget?"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    So all we need is for Hague to be restored as Leader (now he's grown up and stopped wearing his cap back to front, without a motorbike) and mag that Blare clone, Cameron.
  2. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    The short answer to that is NO !!
  3. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    Hmmm! weeeell maybe, just maybe,............... but thinking about it, Nah!
  4. Since when did Hague suddenly become an expert on defence ? The Notting Hill Carnival ? Better these d1ckheads listened to the CDS (or some of them) and listened to reality rather than their rose tinted view about the real world - or am I being naive about it all ?
  5. If Labour hadn't once again bankrupted the UK, then the Conservatives would be able to spend more on defence, though apart from spending on ground troops, one wonders what else is needed.
  6. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    Yeah, but they wouldn't.

    Last time they tried to sell off the Royal Navy FFS. They're already making noises about the carriers and Trident.
  7. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    Tally! Brown job, 12 o’clock, low. Actually, a Navy would be rather useful, as would some new AAR/AT machines for the light blue pointy stuff.

    At least Hague seems to recognise the need for the Nation to make its mind up as to whether it wants to be “hotel management†or just one of the “waitersâ€. That is so simple that no military appreciation is needed, whatsoever.
  8. I'm more confident. The cynic in me is raging against this, but I think the message was hidden in there, that I think the tories will, for the first time, increase the budget (shock). I just think their doing it so nobody notices, because its such a contentious issue compared to health/education - so their doing the opposite of labour - pushing the publics attention to other things, then quietly raising the budget!

  9. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    And just how would they quietly raise the Defence budget so that nobody notices when some predict that 16% cuts are required in most departments.After the next election all eyes will be well a truly focused on all departments budgets. Would that be done on the same lines as Labour's stealth taxes the press managed to keep that one quiet.
    They may well redistribute the defence budget some will gain some will lose but increase when others are being cut the odds on that are not high. 8O
  10. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    Need I remind anyone about the Type 82 farce with cancelled carriers..Labour.

    The Tories are the only party to ever give a stuff about the military. That said if I was a nurse I'd vote labour.

    But as a matelot I'll be voting conservative.
  11. Labour 'are' increasing the budget, what else are they planning to do with all the compensation they claw back from the lads.
  12. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    A quote, form ConservativeHome.
    David Cameron refuses to rule out scrapping/delaying the replacement for Trident.
    He said that the Conservative party supported all of the items in the forward defence program.But given the scale of the budgetary crisis would not say if the Aircraft carrier & Trident programs were still affordable.
    quote I'm not ruling things out,translated as watch this space.
    One option open to them is to keep the existing Trident program but let it wither on the vine over the coming years.
  13. Cameron was quite equivocal about it a week or so ago, playing the afghanistan issue quite strongly to talk about short term spend, but also talking about a need to be realistic about the long term. The report struck me as being very focused on hitting the media sweet spot over current ops; more heli capacity (honest) and mine protected vehicles (honest) but still hammering the long term budget as much as possible.

    That would get them over the electoral hump, then they can run a defence review and slash away afterwards.
  14. Eh?

    The Labour have done nothing but conduct reviews, rationalisations and streamline :p since they came to power!!

    I'm a young pup compared with many on here but even when I joined up (under a continous labour government) I've seen Pompey dockyard go from Leanders and 42s lined up along the jetties 3 deep to a dockyard that now is often quite deserted!!

    Labour = Defence Cuts in favour of the NHS

    I will always have private healthcare.
  15. you got it
  16. Whoosh.

    What Cameron says and labour does are largely unrelated. The point is that Cameron is saying things about defence in such a way as to appear to be advocating an increase in spending but so caveated that it's clear that he's playing the election game, not the actually assuring anyone that there'll be any increase in spending.

    None of the three major parties, and none of the fringe parties, are advocating an increase in defence spending. Most of them are advocating cuts, and Cameron is one of those.
  17. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg


    So did you conveniently airbrush Margaret Thatcher, John Nott and the 1981 Defence Review out of your memory then?

    The true horror of the Falklands is that Thatcher's happy-go-lucky cost-cutting convinced the Argentinians we wouldn't fight for the islands. Selling Invincible, scrapping Endurance - sound familiar? The Argentinian leadership couldn't believe their luck. There are matelots and soliders who would still be alive today if the Conservatives had decided to commit to a strong navy in 1981, instead of negotiating about 'lease back' with an evil dictatorship and running down the only credible threat to it - the Royal Navy.

    'As a matelot I'll be voting Conservative.' In light of history, that makes no sense at all.

    The military is an easy target for politicians of all stripes. Any matelot who is a Tory and thinks they're doing the service a favour by voting for them is kidding themselves. The army may do well out of it. The navy will almost certainly do badly, given the capital-intensive projects on the table for the service.

    The Tories have been asked repeatedly to commit unequivocally to the carriers. They have repeatedly refused to do so. They are now making noises about Trident. I'm not saying Labour are any better, I despise them too. And the Lib Dems are the same since they decided to boot Trident.

    The Tories give a shit about winning elections, not the military, same as the rest of 'em.
  18. Re: Telegraph:"Would the Conservatives increase defence budg

    This is spot on. And in light of the IPPR report recently that advocated huge cuts in capital programmes (which were almost exclusively navy - carriers, F35, Astute, Trident, T45 etc - the irony of course being the report's authors don't realise that in purely monetary terms T45 is already here), they will have cover from the left as well as the right.

    Additionally, it will be very easy to play pseudo-Cleggite politics with the issue by saying 'we're scrapping the carriers/delete as applicable navy stuff' so we can supply the lads in the desert - that will go down well publicly even if it doesn't make any sense in the medium term.
  19. Good luck with your healthcare payments after the first time you get seriously ill they may just go up a tad. :wink:

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