Telegraph: "We’re Fighting Bean Counters Now, Says Man Who Helped Beat Nazis"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. "As Field Marshal the Lord Bramall approaches his 90th birthday, his main concern is that Britain’s military could be facing defeat at the hands of Ministry of Defence bean counters."

    "For a start, the Royal Navy does not have enough surface ships to carry out the everyday duties of projecting influence, tackling piracy and all the other things they have to do all over the world,” he says."

    We’re fighting bean counters now, says man who helped beat Nazis - Telegraph
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  2. times have changed. Yes not enough but defence is not solely via military means
  3. I love profound statements; especially when they are expanded upon and explained.
  4. Has the field marshall been in a coma for the past few years.
  5. Apart from times of war I think his statement can be applied at any time in the navy's history since Samuel Pepys took quill to parchment.
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  6. During his time, there was at least World War Two and the Cold War. Plus there was conscription....
  7. Yes can increase the defence budget--how? be debt ridden like America?
  8. Actually, increasing the Budget by 0.5% of our GDP would make a significant difference with a near bugger all impact on the defecit. The ever wanted and much loved Welfare and Health would probably need a hit, though.
  9. If there's an actual conflict yes 0.5% might be fine. But as much as we don't want to hear it, the national debt will have to increase if that happens.
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  10. Interestingly, the thread you cite contains the following comment by the blogger, a respected contributor to this forum too:

    In view of the following, this is more than coincidence and I'm sure the Mods will take note that the puerile 'Jeneral28' and 'tomcat24' are one and the same.

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