Telegraph: "Trident Cuts 'Need Not Hit Deterrent'"


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"Britain could end round-the-clock Trident submarine patrols and still keep a credible nuclear deterrent, according to a new analysis.

The UK need not keep at least one nuclear missile submarine always at sea to deter a nuclear attack, according to the paper from a military think tank.

The paper from the Royal United Services Institute is at odds with the Conservatives who argue Liberal Democrat plans to scale back the Trident submarine force would be “naïve” and a “huge gamble”."

Trident cuts 'need not hit deterrent' - Telegraph

Low Readiness Contingency
Democrat) Submarines are typically held unarmed in port, ready to deploy within a specific timeframe to ‘more constant’ patrols

Aw bless. That should increase the number of King's Bay visits and, probably, DASOs. Remind me how long it takes to nip across the pond, ammunition and test ready to deploy?