Telegraph: "'Too Many Quitting Forces' MPs Warn"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 14, 2014.

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    "The Armed Forces have worrying shortages of key specialists including vacancies for more than 700 intelligence experts, MPs have warned.

    Shortages in specialist staff including bomb disposal officers, intensive care nurses and engineers are so acute that defence chiefs admit it has become one of their biggest management problems.

    A defence committee report also warned about high numbers of soldiers, sailors and airmen quitting the forces on top of sweeping redundancies from defence cuts."

    'Too many quitting Forces' MPs warn - Telegraph
  2. Its o.k, project Faraday will save us.........
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  3. there are so many easy wins on this to help keep people in.
    I know of an oppo on a sub who have their engineers working every weekend in that sat/sun are classed as normal working days.
    He was also 1 in 2 duties for a long stretch and and working till past evening meal on his off duty day

    why would anyone put up with that?
  4. I sit reading this wondering what will change. In the past I have seen/heard First Sea Lords state retention is not a problem when clearly it was. 70% of my squadron had their notices in. Not a problem!!!!

    We are living through the death throws of a once mighty and powerful Navy. It is shameful and embarrassing that an Island nation is barely capable of guarding it's own shores. We are still building mighty war machines for the portrayal of a far reaching Royal Navy when in my opinion we should be building smaller more agile vessels for the protection of our shores.
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  5. They probably just think 'well we dont have enough people, lets give them more money to stay and put up with it even though its ridiculous' instead of 'lets employ more people so the workload isnt so intense and people may decide to stay in'.

    Everyday joining becomes appealing and then less appealing and so forth the cycle continues.
  6. The situation in the Armed Forces is no different to any other industry,save one vital component.The importance of defence and long-term repercussions. 20,000 redundancies of highly-trained people on the back of a recruitment drive of lower-paid positions.
    The great Wooden Horse of Troy (E.U.) will continue to plunder Europe of her sovereignties,borders, economic balance between autonomy and trade, before driving many countries into oblivion for the sake of 'Community'. European trade - yes. European Union - no,no,no.Though God forbid anyone should raise a query for fear of being considered 'fascist'.
    Next step will be a botched job European Army.Vague mutterings over the years solidified into a hotch-potch set up.Then watch the shit truly hit the fan.:angry7:
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  7. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Retention will become a bigger issue. We're returning from Afghanistan, those who joined for the "fun" will be lodged in wildest Scotland or East Anglia, they will leave. The economy is picking up, we will see those with skills and trades start to leave because the terms and conditions that were key recruiting tools (pension etc) are being eroded and NEM is causing huge uncertainty.

    The problem is the MoD itself cannot solve these problems, they are wider Gov and HMT issues. There is a real need to question how much we pay and under what conditions we expect our personnel to operate. These can be alleviated by Gov and HMT funding more people and increasing salaries.

    Not convinced anyone Senior enough will write or support the business case.
  8. ............James Arbuthnot, chairman, said: “These shortages of such vital, pinch-point trades are considered to be the second most key strategic risk in defence management, and yet we worry about how seriously these shortages really are taken by the Defence Board.” - the Defence Board seemingly don't give a toss or else they're either not being briefed correctly or are not listening!
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  9. Perhaps this is all part of the plan, to run down all public services, then sell off and privatise?

    G4S running piracy patrols and such...

  10. On the upside. Promotion is looking mega.
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  11. Just like in t'war.
  12. That's been tried already. A couple of crews are languishing in foreign jails as we speak. Seems other countries don't look on private companies with armed personnel on boats too favourably.

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  13. I remember reading about this bloke in the Falklands.....went from Welsh Guardsman to Forces a flash !
  14. To many lads are leaving due to better pay and conditions outside, it is as simple as that.

    I would love to stay in for a full career, but the grass is so much greener on the other side its giving me arc eye!
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  15. Where are these better paid and better conditions jobs?

    Been searching for 20 odd years and they keep evading me.

    Seen ex tiffs doing menial jobs that would only have been entrusted to an able rate.

    Or are you looking through the rose tinted specs today!

    Yes, the jobs are out there but don't build your hopes up too much. And don't fall for the "my mate will get me straight in" bullsh1t.
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  16. Hey Waspie, stop destroying dreams with your good sense and reality.
  17. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Better in life to move TO something than FROM something.
  18. Rather than direct entry as a LH from civvy street? Quoted from Galaxy Brief 02-2014
  19. Works for the RAF.
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It does, but the transition from civilian to civilian wearing a uniform tends to be less of a radical change.

    Direct Entry Tiffs, in my experience, were not as smooth a transition as imagined.

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