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Found it - Ex-Defence Secretary John Nott warns over Falklands - Telegraph

Not a word from Nott I see on whether his public decision to get rid of Invincible, the assault ahips and Endurance had helped bring the war upon us. Galtieri was obviously the chief villain but Nott sent him a signal that he could get away with it. And if Galtieri had hung on for a couple more months, we would have been totally unable to do anything about it. The weather was clearly already marginal for our troops during the land campaign, and we would not have had the ships anyway. A pity Nott had not the grace to realise the deep and lasting loathing he has inspired.

My review of 'Down South' here:

I had been out a fair while when all this kicked off but had served with many of the Captains who were down there one way and another & one of the Commanders.

Nick Barker's book 'Beyond Endurance' has a lot to say about how we sleepwalked into the mess and names a number of other villains including RN ones. I am reading it at the moment and will be posting a review soon(ish).

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