Telegraph: "Royal Navy To Train Sailors Without Sending Them To Sea"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. soleil

    soleil War Hero

  2. Waspie

    Waspie War Hero

    Bit like us Wafu's then!!!!!
  3. Flammin Gallah

    Flammin Gallah New member

    I went to sea once....didn't like it much.....the airfield kept going up and down.
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  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    That's the emergency bog roll sorted for the day.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Nothing new in military circles.

    It you've never sat in the back of a truck going "wooka, wooka, wooka" then fast roped down the tailgate into a hostile LZ you're a gayer.
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  6. labrum

    labrum New member

    "Just shout 'bang'!"
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    They'll be asking the RNR next how to be pretend sailors..........:tongue::lol:
  8. northern-matelot

    northern-matelot War Hero

    I (along with every other Jack Dusty in the fleet) didn't go to sea until I became an AB1 and had a star on my badge. Nothing new here.
  9. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

    What !! :shock: No Sea Training ? :shock: :shock:
    I had a week on the Scott (converted Minelayer), then a week on the VIc, both between ages 15 & 16, then full sea draft at 16 1/2 ..... great times (even if I was suffering from mal de mer at the beginning :lol: )

    ps I'm an ex Dusty also.
  10. supermario

    supermario New member

    What a none story.....We have been doing operations room training ashore for years. It's just a new system to do it. We will always continue training when we get to sea.

  11. soleil

    soleil War Hero

  12. Naval_Gazer

    Naval_Gazer Supporters - GCM

    A technological leap in flexibility, adaptability, sophistication and realism but still the same principle as the old COOK and CUNNINGHAM command & operational trainers at DRYAD. It serves the old adage of making your mistakes ashore, not when at sea.
  13. seafarer1939

    seafarer1939 New member

    Don't see much of a story there,I spent 6 months at Raleigh,then a good while on the Ocean then off to gunnery at Cambridge so there was a fair bit of on shore training.
    Made it well up on seatime later but that was a blessing when you considered the option of Whale Island,a place so grim it turned us all to drink!
  14. Montigny-La-Palisse

    Montigny-La-Palisse War Hero Moderator

    They're about 40 years too late with this story.
  15. northern-matelot

    northern-matelot War Hero

    My first ship was a good year after leaving the SA school- spent the time at Culdrose so I didnt even get a sight of a ship prior to joining the Scummer as an SA1.

    I am here:,-4.184605
  16. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

  17. Montigny-La-Palisse

    Montigny-La-Palisse War Hero Moderator

    Same as they were in 82 then?
  18. xchiefcook

    xchiefcook Badgeman

    the caption under the photo "Royal Navy recruits training in a sinking ship simulator in Plymouth" not really peeps, cos that pic is me in yellow, and i work in pompey ...... good in depth facts then !!!!!
  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  20. Ballistic

    Ballistic War Hero

    Like a lot of posters, I agree, it's a non-story. This sort of thing has been going on for a long time; only the technology has developed.

    I've always been in favour of teaching our people to walk before making them run which is why I was particurlaly grumpy when HMS Cambridge closed.

    There were few things more satisfying than watching PWO's under training flinching when the 4.5's went BANG just over their heads and gagging on the cordite fumes when they visited my world and later listening to them getting stressed over the ops room intercom...

    ...and then observing them at sea, getting their act together and developing into effective PWO's, (and taking a little bit of pride that I'd helped in my own little way).

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