Telegraph: "Royal Navy sailors accused of scaring bathers"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. HMS Quorn???? You'll be having an HMS Soya next!

    Baffled Buffer
  2. Re: Telegraph: "Royal Navy sailors accused of scaring bather

    Here in Spain they have yellow bouys about 200 mtrs off the beaches ,this is to mark a safe bathing area and sail or power boats are not permited inside these marker bouys,and quite rightly so,i would be pretty angry if my children were swimming and some knumb nuts came inside the exclusion area pissing about with a boat or jet ski,BUT having said that ,it doesnt take very much to get the old Spaniards up in arms,at a local swimming pool on the estate next to us they ( the Spanish ) complained because some children were bombing in the pool, 8)
  3. Re: Telegraph: "Royal Navy sailors accused of scaring bather

    The longer they argue the bigger the fine….

    You don`t argue with the Spanish police you just say …sorry I won`t do it again….even (and especially) when you are innocent…
    They are a law unto themselves..
  4. Re: Telegraph: "Royal Navy sailors accused of scaring bather

    Agree with there UncleAlb,no point in saying anything except SORRY how much will that be senior, 8)
  5. ....female sailors??!...ur having a laugh!
  6. Know your Navy. The Hunt Class minehunter HMS Quorn is the third RN ship to be named after the Quorn Hunt established in 1696. The first HMS Quorn was a WW I Hunt Class minesweeper launched in 1916 and the second was a WW II Hunt Class destroyer sunk by the Germans on 3 Aug 1944 with the loss of 130 lives.

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