Telegraph: "Royal Marines Training Cut As Afghanistan Looms"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. The basic impact will be that there will only be 1 entry per month (50 to 60) rather than every 2 weeks. We are still recruiting but yes at reduced numbers as the RM's are current fully manned.

  2. How times change. A few years ago we couldn't get enough of them
  3. You matelots can never get enough of us...
  4. Just touched on a similar topic on another thread.
    But I'll say it again : Do we need the Guards regiments ?

    Of course we don't. AND they spend much of their time marching up and down in bespoke uniforms that cost more that all the frontline gear issued for real operations.
    Then think of all those bloody horses for the Cavalry regiments. Plus the shiny armour, swords, and expensive stuff in the officers mess !!
    I read last year that the MOD had paid £150,000 for rosewood veneers for a Guards officers mess furniture. Add that to the cost of making the stuff ........
    Guy in posh designer outfit on expensive black horse (with super-posh saddle and shiny bits) may impress tourists, but they won't worry the Taleban.
    How much do those thigh length leather boots cost ?
  5. Something you want to tell us Del or is it a bootie thing :-D
  6. Not really ......
    But I was on the Provost Staff for a few months and had to take an AWOL prisoner to Colchester once (he'd been off for two years - interesting story ..). He was a mate, and when he was getting processed he went ballistic, screaming that he 'wasn't going to share a cell with a "raving pongo brown-hatter".
    Turned out he was standing beside a Lifeguard who had produced a few pairs of black seamed stockings (note : stockings, seamed, black) from his kit bag. Turned out that the LG's put the stockings over their kinky boots at night to preserve the shine, allegedly, so they say.

    Anyhoo, my legs are so short I'd have to turn the things down at the thig-end ('thig' is not a typo. I remember it from one of those porn .books produced by the Chinese laundry staff on the Albion. Full quote if requested and permitted). AND you couldn't get them in my size. Allegedly (my ex told me that, honest). You can now. So I've been told.
  7. Drakey.

    That was then.

    It's legal now.
  8. As the article states that Trained ranks are being retained at a higher rate than before the credit crunch, the reduction in those being accepted for training makes sense, no reduction in Corps size. Hopefully the lack of places available will mean that only those with the highest RT, Psychometric, Phys test scores etc will get a warrant for Lympstonia.
    A bit of an Outrage Bus story worthy of the Daily Wail IMO.
    Nothing to see here move along please.
  9. First you say you can't get enough of Royal then you tell us it's legal now...

    Time to share your truth with those here assembled.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Stip, stip, she crid (an excerpt from the same book I think?) Go over to Diamond lils section most things get through over there
  11. Ninja_Stoker

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  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Situation normal then.

    Corps hard to get into, 50 - 60 man recruit troops, 10 -20 pass out.

    So, instead of offering 120 places per month to get 20 - 40 trained ranks, take a fine tooth comb to the top 120 applicants, offer 60 of them a crack at nod land and end up with 20 - 40 trained ranks.

    .....And the biggy is ?

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