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Telegraph: "Royal Marine Who Brought AK47 Home From Gulf War Spared Jail"

The MOD plod would have had a field day after the two world wars eh, old aunty doris etc is still handing in old Mortar shells, hand grenades, lugers and rifle rounds that uncle 'Bert brought back from the war. It's a wonder the world still spins and the sun still shines thinking about what those reckless old buggers got up to.

You just cant move in this day and age for bloody yardies and gangsta's lobbing stick grenades at each other.


Lantern Swinger
this seems to be a co-incidence - the police found the weapon whilst searching his house in relation to an unrelated matter

Marine A was 'found out' whilst police were trawling the laptop records of 'another Marine' in relation to an unrelated matter

must be 'search a Bootneck's house' week

oh, hold on there is someone at the door.....................


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Not sure that I understand the bit about not knowing the (rather heavy) AK47 was in his kit and seems to have escaped any border searches.

Parliament makes our law (except when Brussels or the ECHR overrule us). Parliament says 5 yrs manadatory minimum. Now a CM and a Crown Court judge have decided they know better. So the going rate is now 12 mo suspended.
Best get shot of that old Mark 8 torpedo under the bed then. Keep tripping over the bloody thing anyway.

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Lantern Swinger
The same journie who had the exclusives.'Pope found to be Catholic' and 'Bears found defecating in woods'. Everybody was killing unarmed civilians in Belfast in the 70s.:toilet:

Yeah but the ones the MRF killed were terrorists who just weren't armed at the time (or were but the locals took their guns away before the press got there). No tears either way.
A surprisingly sensible decision from the judiciary much like the eventual case against that SAS sniper.
I remember one bootie telling me the biggest arms dump in Britain was the bottom of Pompey harbour where everyone had second thoughts on their way home from the Falklands. I remember a couple of Colt 45s and Brownings with Spanish markings turning up when I was in the Met, I'm sure Makarovs and Tokeravs must be appearing now.
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