Telegraph: "RAF Chief: 'Don't cut fighter jets' "

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like somebody is a bit worried. Sideways walking freak!!!!
  2. As long as he realises that he'll need carriers to get his aircraft into area unless he proposes a massive increase in the aerial tanker fleet.
  3. I note this paragraph from the full speech:

    "Carrier-strike obviously offers one such capability and, in principle, I support it as one of the clubs in the golf-bag of options available to us. Yes the opportunity cost may be high, but if this country wants to have the ability to demonstrate its will and capability to engage on a global-scale, then it is entirely arguable that we should have such force elements. Whilst the nature of carrier operations means that the effective range, payload and weight of effort of carrier-based aircraft is markedly reduced in comparison to land-based contemporaries, carrier aviation can be useful in key scenarios and it would give us options. Nevertheless, in our joint operational concept, Carrier Strike aircraft would be deployed to operating bases on land as soon as practicable, to maximise capabilities and minimise costs, in accordance with the principle enshrined in current defence policy that land-basing aircraft is preferable."
  4. I can't recall seeing that in any defence doctrine. Might be something the Air Warfare Centre dreamed up - anyone else seen reference to it?

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