Telegraph: "Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Forces Sent Festive Biscuit Tins"

Provided for dunking purposes alongside the tea is a special biscuit named the ‘Super Digestive’. A new creation composed exclusively for the Diamond Jubilee, these biscuits are an indulgently reworked digestive made with full fat English butter and English clotted cream. Intensive testing has revealed four seconds as the optimum ‘dunking time’ to achieve premium density, as outlined in the guide provided.

No Bath Oliver's then. Standards are dropping!
Maybe the ex 'crumb-brush' who was whining about not getting a Jubilee gong could attach the tin lid to a red white and blue ribbon and wear that with pride instead?
Sol you're too nice. Let him/her buy it online!

True, true ....

(The offer wasn't actually as altruistic as it sounds, I was going to use the trip to F & M to rock up at Dukes which isn't far from there, with a view to sampling the Royal Navy Jubilee Cocktail .... just for research purposes and on behalf of Rum Rationers everywhere, of course!).
Looking good, maybe a day trip to F&M is in order?! I can't help but think there's a reference to biscuit tins saving someones life in WW1....

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