Telegraph: "Prince Andrew Brands MoD 'Hopeless'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Nice of him to care,perhaps if he didn't use a helo for everything apart from going to the bogs we might have had some spare cash for armoured vehicles!
    There's an old apt saying
    "British Wars and the War Department[now MOD] are conducted through the windows of Gentleman Clubs and not Dugouts!"
    Has Andy or Edward been to Afghanistan yet? I wonder.
    We knew what was needed,Blair and Broon stopped it, we don't need some one who swans around the world on playboy yachts to tell us that.
    I'm not anti-Monarchist but sometimes they do act like idiots telling us the obvious whilst living in Grand Palaces and, bailing out bankrupt wives,instead of getting out there on a regular basis to see what really happens.
    Got a Grandson going out there soon so I am a bit annoyed at armchairs critics especially filthy rich ones.
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I couldn't say but Prince Andrew has been at the sharp end and spent a couple of decades on active service. His constitutional position notwithstanding I'd say he is better qualified to comment on Defence than those whose brief, distant, peacetime service was spent dribbling around the rum fanny, washing dishes and playing uckers.

    Princess Anne, Prince Harry and Prince Philip have been to Iraq and / or Afghanistan since we got bogged down.

  3. 'since we got bogged down' and not for the first time either, nor the second time neither.
    Given that the royals are intent on history I think they are pretty well versed to comment; all other matters aside.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Seafarer1939 asked
    The Telegraph article that annoys you so says

    Did you even read it?
  5. Without a doubt the Windsor’s are specialists on all matters and this latest comment should be taken seriously by government.
  6. They're not specialists but sometimes they can see the bleedin' obvious...
    As indeed can many others.
  7. But they must 8O be as they are our Royale Family whom we all adore and look up to as a shining example.
  8. Freudian slip there Fink, or just practicing up for when the French give you your marching orders.... :D
  9. 8) "Dribbling and gibbering around the rum fanny "Doing cook of the grot and standing rounds.Cap bow waved with tally tiddly bow formed around a threepenny bit. I lapped up runs ashore, make and mends for sport and flashing my duty frees up the line. It was the bits in between that I had trouble with. :( But :!: I drew the line at playing uckers. :roll:
  10. I read the article and stand by what I say. I respect Andrew for the time served and his service in the Falklands but we have Generals who are supposed to make these decisions yet Gen Jackson and the others never uttered much when in charge re.the shortages by Blair and Broon.
    The Royals have a unique position and by tradition should stay out of politics and any opinions
    Others may disagree but that's the norm.
    I notice he took a helo home from Milton Keynes[and was locked out ] yesterday or the day before.
    Someone who uses constant free Helos for short journeys is not someone who should rebuke others for their decisions.
    He may be right but he is the wrong man to highlight it.
  11. Maybe the Forces sweetheart the beautiful Katherine Jenkins has an opinion on the matter; after all she has been in more war zones than Mr Windsor and those who used to sit round the bubbly fanny spinning dits.

    It escapes me at the moment, what year was it between the end of WW11 and 1982 that the UK was not involved in armed conflict somewhere in the world?
  12. Good luck to him, he's the only person who's actually said something and been noticed. If it gets the right kit for the guys in Afghan then I don't care who spouts off.
  13. A valid point, 'Shandy Man' might take action as it's 'Airmiles Andy' gobbing off.
  14. There haven't been 11 world wars fink, but since the last one I believe it was 1968.
  15. There has at Finknottle Towers.
  16. Well put Seafarer, It would appear that discretion runs on the female side of that family's line.
  17. Fink, I'm starting to think you are trolling on purpose.

    The only time I have previously heard refer to "the Windsors" (as against the Royal Family) was from Sinn Fein, notably their leader Gerry Adams. Is this the type of person you identify with? After all, he is a socialist who believes in the power of the state - just not the state he lives in, or the state you have fought for (assuming you are from Naval background).

    Prince Andrew, from a protocol point of view, shouldn't have said what everyone else may have been thinking but I have some respect for people who do this. Using this story to further your "all people are equal" dogma is a bit dull. You managed to get the dig in to Cameron too though - still waiting for that story which details him messing things up more than your friends in Labour!
  18. A-D, nearly right.

    RR's Gussie Fink-nottle, when not physically trolling elsewhere for his beloved newts, is a high-ranking member of the brigade: "This has upset me and I want to be absolutely sure that you all know it has, so there."

    As a Brigadier his speciality, beside newts, seems to be:

    "Nothing was/is/ever will be fair. If I was not too busy bleating to you all at RR about it (insert subject), I could get off my backside and slap in to see someone (insert appropriate authority) about getting something done (insert suggested remedial action) about it (inset subject).

    'Trolling' ? Perhaps, but I prefer to describe it as 'Finking Aloud (NFA)'.

    Further insight at Wiki:

    <<Max Hastings likened the current Mayor of London Boris Johnson to the real Finknottle saying:

    "he developed the persona which has become famous today, a façade resembling that of PG Wodehouse's Gussie Finknottle, allied to wit, charm, brilliance and startling flashes of instability."

    Significantly, the late Auberon Waugh made the same comparison about Johnson's predecessor Ken Livingstone, on the ground that Livingstone is also a newt collector.>>

    'nuff said. :wink:
  19. If it is only the second time you have heard the Royals referred to as the Windsor’s then you have led a very sheltered life.

    Just to make one thing crystal clear, New Labour are no friends of mine.

    Not that I fall into this category but do you think trolls troll by accident? :?

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