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Telegraph: "New Charity Created To Help Bomb Disposal Experts"


War Hero
Have to say, I admire immensely the sterling work carried out by tri-service EOD teams, however there are already a bewildering number of service charities. What next?

Presumably the charities that exist already do not pay enough money toward the care & rehabilitation of those that survive and the families of those that don't in this highly specialised group, hence the 'need' to focus on yet another group that are forgotten, overlooked or inadequately cared for by the government(s) that send them into danger.

Each charity has their own administrative staff, some of whom are employed by the charity, some paying administrative costs such as rent, advertising, etc., etc.

Surely commonsense would suggest a single charity, with each group represented to ensure a single point of contact, a drastic reduction of overheads or administration costs (often paid to "figurehead" trustees) & a less bewildering array of military charities for those that wish to make a donation.

The more charities there are, the more "professionals" get paid to administer the funds & the less liquidity of donated funds to be distrubuted to those that rightfully deserve help. The running of charities is "big business" - as a brief look at the wage drawn by some by the head honchos of UK charities, will attest: Salary survey: charity chief executives' pay sorted alphabetically | Society |

Charity, after all, is most often given by those that can least afford it instead of the politicians & unelected Lords who send our servicemen & women into battle, pay inadequate compensation whilst illegally claiming personal expenses with impunity.


Book Reviewer
I agree with Nina, not just for the various service charities but for the others, how many cancer charities are there? Each has its own chain of command and associated admin costs.


War Hero
We do not need ANY new charitees for service personnel. What we do need is for the government of the day to take responsibility for the dependents of ANY serviceman either killed or badly injured during either conflicts or from the result of peace keeping duties after a conflict. Each case should be treated on its own merits, but the family should be no worse off financially than if the serviceman had lived and earned a living.
Service personnel who are killed or injured other than this should be treated the same as any civilian.


War Hero
Yep, appreciate everyone wants to run their own charity, but in doing so, less money actually ends-up where the donor intends.
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