Telegraph: "Navy 'Running Out Of Sailors To Man Submarines’"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. I am sure there are some diesel soaked salty sea dogs here, who would step in at the drop of a hat to fill the breach.
  2. This tale was doing the rounds a few weeks ago.It would appear the diesel soaked old sea dogs need not apply as they're looking for Reactor Watchkeepers.
  3. I am sure that they can retrained in a couple of weeks,it's a well known fact that submariners can multi-task with ease.

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  4. I told them it would go to ratshit when I left and they'd miss me, but would they listen....
  5. All matelots are Reactor Watchkeeping trained. How else do you explain Jacks propensity for disappearing just before his misses finds out the truth.
  6. Ahh, no doubt that the unseen service will be saved just in time by sending Jennys to sea in boats then ....
  7. Eh........................................o_O
  8. I wouldn’t go back, I’ve seen the pics of today’s boats, all computer screens and keyboards, if you’re down at 300 ft and the flood alarm is screaming its tits off, I want see bodies rushing to the rescue not some nerd pressing control, alt, delete over and over.
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  9. mmm. seen pics of an A boat control room? Forgeting that there are still 5 T boats left? We still have wooden wedges and hammers you know, and even diesel engines!
  10. That's just the control room, it's all for the dabber stuff. The rest of it ain't changed that much (and you mean 100m ^_~).
  11. The Navy ran out of "men" for submarined years ago, so they just improvised.
  12. I know I left
  13. Seen this on google, but rather than double posting has a brief scroll through here. Does this mean that MESM's will have a fast promotion pace, or will they just be promoted at the same pace as other branches?
  14. MESM's will be promoted as needs dictate and people are eligible, some months faster than others, other times slower.
  15. I can't offer my services, never be able to remember enough to pass a part three. Half the time I can't even remember were the hell I live. Let alone were my favourite pub is.
  16. witsend

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    On standby should the computers crash,


    Call me old fashioned, but personally I always liked to see a calm professional approach where the flood is identified and the correct EOP actions implemented.
  17. Go East! We have and with no regrets
  18. Yorkshire! koff I aint going there
  19. the amount of 5th watch 'afties get, I am amazed they are short

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