Telegraph: "Navy Cuts Will Put Lives At Risk, Warn Forces Chiefs"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Govt wont listen to anyone anyway
  2. These retired military chiefs must be misguided as it would appear from what I read here that that the Tory- led government can do no wrong.
  3. These guys really don't get it do they? Indeed, Dr Radford is starting to make himself look like a post graduate Lewis Page with his harmony hobby horse demonstrates particularly poor understanding of the nature and capabilities of the respective services.

    Where exactly do these guys think the money is going to come from for some 'F-18' [sic]? Their letter is also full of factual errors and exceptionally disingenuous comments. FA-18 superior to the Typhoon in AD? A 'Sniper pod upgrade' for GR4? The GR4 has a longer GCAS scramble time than GR7? All conveniently without references which is not surprising as it's hoop.

    If they wanted to make a more intelligent contribution to the RN's cause, they'd be arguing for a greater number of versatile surface vessels. The limited number of those available has I would suggest directly contributed to the Governments embarrassment over Libya.

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