Telegraph: "Navy Carrier Costs 'Could School Africans'"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. This is friggin great news, lets stop all foreign aid and we could have a couple more.
    Charity begins at home :roll: :twisted: :evil:
  2. Yup - now isn't that a shame. Build more of them and stop giving money in foreign aid to modern countries like China par example.

    p.s. Can I have my Live Aid money back as well whilst I'm in whinge mode. The money hasn't done anything good and I didn't get a sh4g from the bird I took either.
  3. I agree, at this time, with Britains financial situation, it should be a case of charity begining at home
  4. So the replacement carriers (two medium-sized ones replacing three small ones) have cost £3.8bn which will be amortised over their 30+ year life span.

    The 2012 London Olympics is on track to cost around £30bn. If it comes down to a choice between a sports event lasting two weeks and an investment in our long term national security in order to fund the education of more African children (after the inevitable disappearance of much of the money en route), guess which I'd opt for?
  5. Someone on here, can't remember who, had it as a signature, so credits to him for the quote.
    "Foreign aid = taking money from poor people in rich countries to give to rich people in poor countries."
    Just about sums it up for me.

  6. Alternatively, we could sell all the African children into slavery to raise money to build two new carriers.
  7. Or we could get the children to build the carriers. They get an apprenticeship and we get cheap labour, everyone's a winner.

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