Telegraph: "MoD To Spend £389m On Jump Jets It Does Not Need"

The Telegraph just want their cake and eat it. Of course we're paying for a few of the B variant, we were originally going to use them. Do they not realise defence contracts take years just to plan let alone develop, research and implement. If we could just go back on our contracted promises to defence contractors every time it suddenly becomes "A little bit too expensive" for us we would not have said contractors providing the best in current technology. They have to pay their staff and run their company based on profits not the aspirations of fickle governments.
There is obviously a lot of anti government feeling right now, especially considering the cuts to the armed forces but stories like these are based on information that was widely reported (back when we had some money and everyone was like "YAY new shiny toys"). Anyone with an inkling of interest in the forces knows about this and so this article serves to do nothing but ridicule the government (Not necessarily a bad thing) and fuel the rage bus.

I despise articules like this. This is non-news.

P.S Thankyou as always for posting these news snippets MODS. :)
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What an utterly rediculous article.

Quite aside from the aspects mentioned by EC above, the F-35B STOVL OT&E work will allow important F-35 systems and TTP development to be completed due to the commonality between variants.


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