Telegraph: "MOD Spends £66 Million On Consultants As Armed Forces Cut"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. "The Ministry of Defence has nearly doubled its spend on consultants this year, while at the same time cutting the Armed Forces by thousands of personnel, figures show.

    The latest MOD payroll figures show the department has spent £66 million on consultants so far in the financial year."

    MOD spends £66 million on consultants as Armed Forces cut - Telegraph
  2. I did some MoD consultancy work in my own area of expertise after I left. Those still wearing uniform in the modern lean-manned Royal Navy either lacked the necessary background and knowledge or couldn't be spared from more pressing duties such as running warships at sea.

    For some reason, the RN didn't want to re-employ me full-time and pay me for doing nothing during my weekends off or fund my extra pension rights, employer's National Insurance contributions, subsidised food, subsidised uniform, extra pension entitlement, use of recreational facilities, etc., so they just paid me a daily rate for the relatively short periods involved.

    My earnings had to cover my own travel & accommodation, meals, personal NI contributions, personal pension scheme and income tax plus company overheads such as rent, utilities, telephone, IT, company registration, accountant's fees, public liability insurance, corporate tax, etc.

    Anything left over was mine to spend as I chose during the lean times between jobs. Hurrah! :boogie:
  3. Indeed; that's what happens when shed loads of people who know anything about anything are encouraged to "retire" early.

    The worrying thing is when the consultants are the likes of KPMG and CAP Gemini. Their PR machines are so good that the MoD head sheds feel obliged to accept their findings, however bone.
  4. I think that in any organisation, if senior staff have allowed their in-house expertise to "retire" and have brought in consultants at a later date, the people whose idea it was to have them in will always be thrilled with whatever they churn out; if they didn't express great satisfaction with the consultants' work, it would cast doubt on the sagacity of paying so many megabucks to bring them on board in the first place ...
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  5. True enough. The need for 'consultants' in MoD is largely driven by having made so many uniformed personnel and civil servants redundant. The MoD reaps what it sows.

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  6. I think it is more a case that the MOD reaps what its bonehead political masters (Chancellor of the Exchequer and PM) sow.

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