Telegraph: "MoD Lawyers Soar As Armed Forces’ Budgets Cut"


Book Reviewer
Not entirely sure I see why the Telegraph feels the need to highlight an uplift of 60 legally trained uniforms against the budget cut. Apples & Wednesdays in many respects.

The legal environment we operate under has radically changed, our people get involved in a raft of activities - commercial, employment law, LOAC/Geneva convention conference. Hardly a big issue and not one to set against the budget cuts.


War Hero
The numbers don't specify posts or personnel. There are plenty of RN Legal who are not in Legal roles (Second Sea Lord for example) but doing general Loggie jobs as part of the normal career management.

Also within Operational Law we have seen a greater need to have in theatre legal support, especially in areas such as Cyber and Targeting, to advise the Joint Force Commander. This will need a growth in trained personnel to meet normal plot rotation.

But hay why not have a dig, it is the Telegraph after all. All those lawyers could pay for the RRF.


War Hero
The cost of such a lawyers is a fraction of getting civilian equivalents in to do the same role. But lets not get truth interrupt things, after all we have to save the fusiliers!