Telegraph: "MoD 'Breaches Military Covenant' With £250 Million Allowance Cuts"


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I'm not sure I agree with the report. Whilst I am not entirely content with the allowances we have to be realistic:

IE - it was £5 a night for nothing; FIA £12.50 per day for food - majorly excessive and a good "earner" for a long time, especially when received in conjunction with the London allowance.

SP - As far as I can see its actually not really bad news as the Reserve Band is paid at 100% as opposed to 75% and at year 3 it drops to 50%, then after that 0 - Whilst I can see that it's not going to be hugely welcomed by those in receipt of SP, this is an allowance for Recruitment & Retention. If you're not using that skills set 4+ years later, why be paid for it. For example is it sensible to have 52 yr old Aircrew at OF5 level in policy jobs with no aviation bias in receipt of SP(Flying)?

The remainder just seem to be realism measures.


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I agree that it seems odd that Specialist Pay is still received by those not in Billets where they use their specialist skills. However, the reality is, that these cuts are just one more measure whereby this Government has shown how little it understands and respects it's Armed Forces.

It sounds (as always) ridiculous to say that this news will be met by a mass-stampede of people walking out of the main gates for good. However, for my own part, I've been told by my Career Manager that with my training and the amount of time I have left to serve, I'm the kind of guy that won't be getting made redundant, even if I volunteer. No massive pay-off and new job for me then. The truth is, even with that fact in place, the amount, and depth of cuts being made in all areas of defence spending, along with the freeze on our salaries and another round of "efficiency savings" on the horizon, I'm probably going to be putting my notice in anyway. I don't get Specialist pay, other than for being a Flying Maintainer, which I will cease to receive when my current assignment finishes, so it's not a case of "sour grapes".

I wonder if there are any other mid-career Ratings or Officers looking at the same decision?


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He he, I used to teach grubbers at Deadloss (92-95).

Anyway, I actually disagree I don't think this in itself will provoke a mass walk out. In fact at the site I am currently attending its not even triggered the levels of manks/moans I'd expected and a fair few will be getting slapped by withdrawal of FIA and SP reductions. I was mildly bemused by the muted reaction. I suspect thats partly down to a resignation that we've got to tighten our belt in all respects and also because no matter how you look at it the job market isn't particularly healthy and very soon 750,000 public sector workers of varying skills/experiences will be added to the market.

Don't get me wrong I dislike what is being done to our pay and allowances packages [to clarify I do not in anyway shape or form qualify for SP], but I see little option. My biggest regret as I've posted before is that in my view the watering down of our overall package makes it ever harder to recruit the top notch recruits (Officer or rating) who may be comparing a civilian employer to the Forces. This will bite but the impact will be felt down the line I suspect.

To answer your final point, I think a few may join you. At the end of the day if you're not happy, don't see an overly positive future (either personally or collectivelly) then you have to make a decision and one that is best for you and your family. For many our salaries are pretty decent and are comparable to civilian organisations so will wait and bide our time. For me, I'm stuck on the promotion carousel, being ever told "this year" and for my personal reasons I want to see if I do get selected so I'm waiting out - I can't forever, and like a lot of people these changes make waiting harder as I'm less certain I want the added pressures in a diminishing business.
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Everyone just needs to man up and accept that these are hard times we are going through. We are not immune to the same cuts as civvies simply because we wear a uniform. In the unlikely event that there are walkouts then it may be no bad thing. I have no issue with those who are in that mid - late career bracket and are unhappy with what the future of their chosen trade may bring, but walkouts over pay, benefits and extras, then good riddance. We're better off without all the selfish pantshitters anyway and can get some fresh, keen blood into the pipeline.

Suck it up, we're not alone and on a good deal anyway. The RN, if you don't like it, leave.
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I pretty much agree with Montigny - It's life in a blue one, perks have been eroded ever since I joined at the start of the 80's. So if your unhappy weigh up the pro's and con's and make a decision. And as broadside says why should people draw an allowance for something they're not doing?

Grubber - Take your Career managers advice on advisement, if you fancy redundancy stick your chit in for it. If you don't ask you definitely won't get - although maybe you could still be pushed. These cuts are a lot deeper than the rounds in the 90's and there were some very strange decisions made then about who was pushed. Whilst I'd like to think the pusser would have learnt it's lessons and be a bit more clever about who goes experience tells me this may well not be the case.
I am sure I will be corrected but my understanding is that SP will be stopped the moment you put your chit in?

If so if people choose to leave for personal reasons and they are either a submariner off on patrol or an air crewman off to say afgan how on earth can you take there specialist pay off them. There has to be exceptions surely?


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TBH I think some people have been milking the system for years in a similar vein to the benefit junkies. If you can't get by without putting in a claim, your doing something wrong.

Reading the brief the other night and the GYH for the young lads, early and overseas stuck out. I don't have it at hand, but it seems their warrents will be cut when they enter phase 2 or reach 18.

Does this mean in reality they can only use this during part 1 training?

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