Telegraph: "Military Search-And-Rescue Overhaul 'Could Put Lives At Risk'"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. I think its sad to see the end of an era of Military SAR, but I dont think the service will be any the worse for it. The Aircraft in use are for the most part modern, faster, more capable.Most of the crews are ex service, and will have that ethos to get the job done. Its also jobs for the boys and girls as they come to the end of their military flying careers. CRM I would venture is better, so even safer all round. (Standing by for incoming):toothy2:
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  2. Agree, Sarking, most of the guys around the UK in the back of the civvy sar cabs are guys I served with. Larry Slater in Stornaway, Scouse Mooney at Lerwick to name but two.

    All doing a smashing job.

    The only downfall I see is when the Mil SAR ends where will the Civvy SAR draw there next generation back seat crews from?

    The Military is a great training environment for the civilian sector. The general winching that is conducted in the military is not the same as winching in gale force winds inches away from a cliff face. Nor trying to recover an injured sailor from a pitching deck at 3 am with next to no fuel. Doing winch transfers between RN vessels has it's problems but also has the protection of fire crews stood by and rescue at hand.

    An interesting future lets hope some Mil SAR units are retained.
  3. Hi Waspie.They will have to keep some military SAR for the young gentlemen putting their fast jets in the oggin, and shipborne operations.Just wont be as many old and bold about. I would say there will have to be a training programme started within the bases, funded between the DOT and Bristows/CHC/Bond,whoever the contracter is to train ab initio SAR crews,perhaps from the ranks of trained Paramedics/Firecrews or people of that ilk.
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  4. Sadly, this is already true where many areas of the military are concerned, particularly training, maintenance and logistics. Now operations are being affected too. I'm just surprised that it hasn't yet led to a much steeper rise in accidents and major incidents. It has certainly resulted in higher costs through PFIs and contractorisation.

    The writing was on the wall years ago. Once you slay the golden goose...
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  5. Be interested to see if this puts more pressure on the RNLI
  6. Perhaps the resurrection of the SAR Diver! Or will the F35 have a escape module similar to the F111! If that is the case then maybe we have most definitely seen the last of the Search and Rescue Diver!!!
  7. Last of the SAR Diver !! That'll be the end of the tatoo parlor then as well. Sad days indeed.=(
  8. Wouldnt say so OG1N. There may be a small increase in callouts for the RNLI,but the new aircraft should have the speed to fill any gaps left by the airstations that are being closed.
  9. OG1N, re the RNLI, they are a volunteer group, (not withstanding the con'n and treasurer), so I doubt any pressure will go there way. The RNLI, CG and SAR helicopters all intigrate and share in most operations. The CG are the organisation that decide upon what assetts are sent to whichever incident.

    SARKING. Understand what you saying and agree. Big however!!!! The Portland SAR Helo has been covered by CU and Lee for the past week. I say that, as jobs off the Bill have been covered by Lee and CU for the past week.

    The advertising hype to promote the new SAR service is that newer and faster aircraft are procured and will get to incidents faster. The downside is not the endurance of the newer Helo's but the fact they lift far less than the proven SK's. Horses for courses, I would like to think those in authority have stats to prove the new aircraft will be capapble of saving the same number of lives per year!!!!

    Rarely see the Portland SAR Squirrel airborne at night!!! The jolly old Sea King has all weather day/night capability. Another area I hope that hasn't been complomised!
  10. I see what your saying Waspie. Their going to have to eventually put a 92 in the area, for the SW approaches. hopefully the elder lemons planning all this have figured that one out themselves. Is Portland not daylight only?I stand to be corrected.
  11. SARKING. TBH, no idea about PO's op hrs. My contacts from S61 days are gone, Roy ('I'm a film star') Eggleston and Buck Rogers. Certainly the past week even the day jobs have been covered by other units.

    Maybe down for maintenance. In the good ole days of the S61 they used to fly a replacement cab in. Obviously not down for the Squirrels!!!
  12. Rather see the old 61 coming for me, than a 139 or squirrel,:biggrin:

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