Telegraph: "Military Medal Records Go Online"

I logged onto the website on Sunday, after seeing a link on the other site, as by chance, I had been doing a bit of background on my father's uncle. I struggled to find anything of value on there, having had greater luck using other resources. (It is, however, fortunate that 'googling' my great-uncle's (or his son's) full name returns information almost exclusively relevant to them, and that should I wish to do any real research, I have a genealogist in my wife's family.)
MM holders in the public domain? Hmmmm, that could upset the chap known as Andy Mc*ab then!!! :lol:
His real name is already widely known, and appears in the LG (and 'Eastenders'). Oh, and the Torygraph actually meant 'medals awarded to the military' not 'Military Medals'. Typical lazy journos (and yes, I know it was a sub who was responsible for that, but it's a broad brush with good coverage).

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