Telegraph: "Meet The Commander Giving The Royal Navy A Female Touch"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Some deletions, flymos's post may have been less inappropriate than others but was collateral. Sorry.

    Some posters haven't yet sussed that the internet is not anonymous and a certain level of so-called 'banter' is actionable. Criticising policy is fine, getting personal isn't. Even in Lil's, in which the thread (now post) isn't.

    Where the object of so-called 'banter' is far removed from the Naval Service a different approach may be appropriate. Not the case here.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Can I stick my head above the parapet and ask is there a need for this organization? The association of black and Asian police officers spring to mind.

    Just another sub group pushing it's own little agenda to the detriment of the main group?
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  3. I would suggest the heavy moderation which this post apparently required would indicate that women probably haven't been fully accepted into the RN.
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  4. ".. fully accepted ..." 'shoe horned' perhaps?
  5. Shoe horned? Really?

    20 years after they were allowed to go to sea, thus working alongside men on an equal basis, they are still considered 'shoe horned'. On the basis we've only had one female CO of a FF/DD, and 1 (I think) female Capt RN who wasn't Blue Badged, I would suggest we're not 'shoe horning' them in anywhere.

  6. Oh dear.......
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  7. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Largely by people who are long outside who possibly have never served at sea with them.

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  8. Ahh good, a couple of nibbles. So why the requirement for "diversity" stuff then?
    Oh, and have served at sea with lumpy jumper types.
  9. Diversity is a great thing flymo, i mean, look at what immigration has done to us, brought us all together in religious and ethnic peace, Fabulous.
    Lets encourage it everywhere, even the Navy.
  10. Can you rearrange that into a comprehensible English version oh great patriot?

    Not Lil's but I'll risk a '******' for this tool.
  11. Cum Guzzler, learn to read your native tongue, i know Polish is the first language in some of your towns, but don't let the side down now.
  12. OH FFS!
    Why the hell do you suppose that is ?

    Most females that I know want the career and Motherhood When you are serving in the RN you cant have both unless you are happy to be away from your brat(s) for long periods.


    Can anyone out there who is not on Crack or LSD tell me how that is going to work? Will all warships have Creche's? Your average WREN (Sorry - I know - they dont exist anymore) will - I hope - want to do the Mother thaing rather than fcuk-off to sea once she has dropped the sprog.

    Its called animal instict
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  13. ...which makes no sense whatsoever.

  14. No decent comeback again i see, usual shite from you then.
    Jog on now

  15. So, let me get this straight, and I might as well as this duty is dragging arse. Despite not even serving, you imply the Royal Navy shouldn't promote and encourage diversity thereby adopting a more divisive policy where exclusion applies?
  16. So where is the part where i imply exclusion..?
  17. Regarding diversity, you stated, sarcastically:
    Implying that it shouldn't be encouraged. Ergo diversity is not welcome.
  18. The sarcasticness was aimed at the whole story being around promoting more Women, as if they are some sort of victimized group in the navy and they need desperate support now ; just because they are a minority, doesn't mean there needs to be more of them, just too make it balanced.. that is exclusion in its self to men.

    Sheila's wheels adverts for example, there is more women with their insurance than men, should we make a campaign up to get more men on that insurance? no, its daft, hence the sarcasm.

  19. Implying that diversity isn't to be encouraged doesn't really make the same point you've written above.
    Anyway, you aren't even in the Navy, how do you know how women are treated? We could beat them soundly behind closed doors for all you know.

    There is however a continuing feeling among many civilian females that the Armed Forces are no place for them. Promoting the achievements of serving women and career possibilities and successes available to them in turn assists recruiting.

    This 'women's network' is hardly anything to get excited about, should we get angry at the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Cycling Association because it isn't of interest to non-cyclists? No, let them have their club, who cares.

    Incidentally, men did cry about Sheila's wheels despite it simply being an offshoot of larger insurance firms created to avoid paying penalties for other demographics crashing all the time. That's why it now has to insure men.
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