Telegraph: "Liam Fox: Libya Crisis Shows Why We're Right On Defence Reform"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. What planet does he live on? Cuts make us more able to respond to various threats?

    I did love the bit of 'Blame the previous govt' bit also.
  2. Scouse, how on earth can you deride this mans knowledge of the Armed Forces?
    He was a Civilian Army Medical Practitioner and also worked for that erstwhile paramilitary organisation St John's Ambulance. Only last week another GP David Owen (Lib Dem) stated in a radio 4 interview that we were ok operating ships off Libya as the Americans had a carrier there!
    Perhaps the answer to the Defence Question/policy for this country is to get all potential doctors to have a year of their training dedicated to Defence. Or simply rely on the advice of three Chiefs of Staff. Know where my money is.
  3. Don't get me wrong the previous government fecked up but surely they can only blame them for so much ?
  4. Lady ga ga knows more than this cretin.
  5. Makes my blood boil.
  6. Coming from a Defence Secretary who is happily presiding over the biggest defence cuts in years, I find it amazing that he can try and claim any credit for the efforts of the boys in uniform.What a James Hunt.
  7. He's just very fortunate that it all didn't kick off next year. Strange that our 2 engaged Maritime assets are a frigate and a destroyer.
  8. I used to go to school with a James Hunt, He's a counsellor.
  9. Delusional Cnut!
  10. COTW Nom anyone ?
  11. Our top military officers might as well hand the keys back and shut the door on their way oot, what a bloody shambles. :evil:
  12. To be fair Labour did screw not just the forces, but the entire UK.

    Although this government do seem to be trying their hardest to equal that :angry4:
  13. I want to know what a "one off intervention" means? We get in, see how fooked it is, then skedaddle away as quickly as possible?

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