Telegraph: "Lethal Relics From WW1 Are Still Emerging"

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. There was an excellent article in the Telegraph at the weekend about the work of the DOVO, the Belgian Army's guys who deal with the WW1 munitions which re-appear on a regular basis in Belgium's fields. Although I lived in Belgium for some time, I hadn't really heard a great deal about the work they do until I was escorted around the Ypres area by an excellent military historian, Iain McHenry, who is based there and specialises in escorted visits in that region. When I was there last, a local person had dug something up just a few days before and suffered a serious injury.

    The article is definitely worth a read:

    Lethal relics from WW1 are still emerging - Telegraph

    More about the DOVO:

    Composante Terre Unités Service d'Enlèvement et de Destruction d'Engins Explosifs
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  2. Good read Soleil, just shows that the disposal work goes on and on, and to a great many its unknown work.
  3. Good stuff. I am sure when on BDO's course a figure of 20,000 years to clear the planet if we stopped throwing ordnance today.

    Right lads after ya brew get cracking!
  4. My sister-in-law lives in France. She told me that the French farmers are always turning up ordnance. They leave it by the side if the field and EOD teams regularly go around collecting it all up and dispose of it. Bit of a dodgy system in my totally un-qualified to comment opinion.

  5. Not really mate. If it has been subjected to that much motion from digging it won't have a hung striker etc. sounds like we called a milk run. They would of course assess on the side of the road and dispose of in any doubt.

    Where abouts does she live? I have a pad over there.
  6. Down near Cerizay, nearest big place is Angers.
  7. About 100k south of me. Good stuff
  8. Not to far from me then ... my pad on wheels permanently lives in Airvault.

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