Telegraph: "Let Down By Their Countrymen: How Our Forces Often Feel Unappreciated"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Very interesting survey and articles. I think I am lucky in that I haven't had the negative experiences, but I am in no doubt that they are real.

    I would thank Lord Ashdown for making the effort to collate these experiences. I would also note that the BFPO address issue is being dealt with this year - recent DIN (if a bit vague) seems to address.

  2. Soleil - Thanks as ever for posting the links - at 2131.
  3. Im not sure they are special privileges I mean many companys already give discounts to students for doing nothing. Not say we deserve them, Im really not that bothered. But I do think its wrong door staff can say not tonight fellas no military in here, or ask for ID turn it around see that you have C+E and a northern address and tell you to **** off we dont want your kind in here. Its not acceptable to do it to black people so why is it so ok for it to happen to us?
  4. I just do not get why british firms have a problem send items to BFPO number, took me all of two mins a few years back when our despatcher took a tiz at her teminal when she was trying to put a BFPO address in and it kept asking for a postcode - solution was simple, add the British Forces Post Office address & post code, to the recipient BFPO number address, after all they all go through the same distribution center. Hopefully for our forces cutomers the 3rd party distributers who take over from us next month will have the same savy.
  5. Who rattle your cage.
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah Wits you grumpy ****. ******* civvies.
  7. Same bastard who shit on you!
  8. I note on Page 18:

    RAF and Royal Navy personnel often complained that the media only ever talked​
    about the Army, even when covering operations which they themselves were​
    carrying out. As well as being irritating in itself, some felt that this imbalance led the ​
    public to misunderstand their role and underestimate its importance.

    “On the news they say ‘Army helicopters’ and there’s a Chinook. That annoys me so much”.
    RAF groups

    I think the Army is being portrayed really well at the moment, but the
    public aren’t really aware of what the Navy is doing in places like Afghan,
    Iraq and obviously Libya. The focus seems to be very Army. Even the Marines​
    don’t really get a look in.”

    Royal Navy groups
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  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Bless, armed forces not getting their daily hug and media love in.

    Get used to it, history has a habit of repeating itself.
  10. I can see the point about the army being mentioned all the time but the Royal Navy has always quietly gone about its duties without too much fuss etc.
    After all, we know how good we are.
  11. So true. Rudyard Kipling had it weighed off:

    Poetry Lovers' Page - Rudyard Kipling: Tommy
  12. Seen as my current GF is not of white origin I think you have totally missed the point I was trying to make. I have no problem with anyone, just that simply why shouldn't it be illegal to discriminate against someone because they wear uniform for a living. Why is that more socially acceptable than being racist?
  13. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    "A female RAF recruiter said that on more than one occasion members of the public have screamed “baby killer” at her as she walked to work in her uniform."

    I believe that "baby killer" is a very specialised branch of the regiment, available only to the very best NAAFI guards.
  14. is that cos she has had an abortion..................
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  15. back on thread

    large groups of people (irrespective of race, colour, greed or uniform) seeking admission to pubs/clubs are a problem for many licensed establishments

    the bar staff have very little training/confidence in saying 'no, you've had enough to drink' (at lets face it - on the minimum wage why put yourself through the hassle of doing so)

    the bouncers (or whatever the **** they call themselves these days) can do without trying to eject a large group of pissed up blokes once they are in the establishment

    the rest of the punters/civvies within the establishment can simply do without the loud and offensive 'goobing off' behaviour that large groups bring with them. Oh and of course there is always at least one obnoxious twat who thinks he is hard as nails as he has 20 of his mates to back him up (the obnoxious twat is normally short and very pissed as he has been trying to keep pace drinking with the big boys (who have taken him under their wing so they can see him 'perform'). no offence to short people but simply a refection of my observations. yes there are pissed anf obnoxious tall blokes but they are harder to conceal within a large group

    oh course I did it when i was in, left in 96 (the large group thing and not the obnoxious twat thing) but you have to adapt to times. it simply isn't tolerated anymore.

    Improvise, adapt and overcome

    Superbikes about to start now..............
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  16. Whilst I do agree that the RN receives very poor coverage, I wish people would stop feeling sorry for themselves. We don't feel appreciated? Why should we? It's a job that we willingly signed up for. We get plenty of perks and the media love in in the last few years has had me vomiting cringe biscuits into my beret.

    Honestly, we are populated with quims at the minute.

    It is not connected in the slightest, you'd have to be pretty dull to even consider it being similar to racism.

    We've been here before. They are well within their rights. If a place has had previous with groups of military personnel in their establishment then it's no surprise they don't want them in. Most of the time people who have been turned away use the fact that "It's because I'm military" as an excuse, normally it's because it's a large group of males. You try getting in anywhere in a major city as a group of 8+ men, no chance. You have to split up. Pack mentality + beer = shit.

    Let's not kid ourselves, we are no angels on a night out. I wouldn't want us in either.
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  17. ? Please expand, as I do not know WTF you are going on about
  18. but it is not only large groups of service personnel being refused, couple of years ago admit, but a chain pub in Liverpool declined service to a RM who was home for a funeral, the group he was with were ok, just not the uniform. I standby to be corrected on that one, as I am going from memory, but there was a thread about it on RR and I am too idle to search for it.
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    search: marine funeral refused

    A Rum Ration member wrote to the pub /pub HQ and received a considered response, posted at the link, line drawn.

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