Telegraph: Inside HMS Plymouth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by exJenny, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. exJenny

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  2. Living proof of the need for dabbers; hms-plymouth_2248412k.jpg

    Not that the current paint contracts are likely to allow any Service contact with a roller or brush.
  3. Very posh bunks in pic 7....
  4. Acording to the HMS PLYMOUTH f/b page, she is no more. Despite all the leagal wranglings, Peel Ports have had their way and she is now lying around a Turkish breakers yard in pieces.
    You can see inside from outside
  5. HMS Plymouth trust Ltd, posted on Facebook on Tuesday evening, that they had been out to Turkey, been in the shipyard and actually seen her in pieces in the scrapyard.
  6. Very sad though it is to see Plymouth lost, the legal action is p1ssing in the wind. What on earth do they expect to achieve? If undeclared material - who's fault is that? That'll be the long-time custodians of the ship then, rather than Peel ports. Even in the unlikely event that they win - who's going to pay for the tow back?

    HMS Whimbrel was an equally worthy case with perhaps a better chance of return from that part of the world and that didn't happen either.

    Simple fact is that the ship as a museum did not generate enough money to pay its way. Whether that was location, bad luck, general indifference or a combination of all, who knows, but without a working way of generating money, all such projects are doomed. That is why if anything is to come of the Illustrious preservation idea, it will need to be somewhere with a largeish tourist trade and similar business/conference venue demand. I doubt that place is Hull........
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  7. They're not towing it anywhere. It's in pieces. (For the third time)
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  8. Did they stick it back together the other two times?

    Oh...see what you mean now :confused:
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  9. At Hull Sea Cadets RNP (big inspection night for the cadets) last month, the Inspecting Officer - a serving Vice Admiral whose name I've forgotten - made noises to the effect off that Hull or Southampton (the two cities bidding to be hosts) will need to raise £10M per year just to keep Lusty alongside, and that they will only "own" the ship for two years as MoD's preferred option is to see her being scrapped.
  10. Would London not be a better place for her, only place the tourist numbers would be high enough?

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  11. A condition to her sale is that she be kept in the UK, so I doubt if she will be scrapped if that's the case

    BTW, it was Vice Admiral Bob Cooling, ex big dipper of Montrose
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  12. That's him - been racking my diminishing amount of grey matter as to his name - knew he was a former Capt F6 and that was as far as I'd got.
  13. You're welcome :)
  14. Suspect what he may have been saying is that MoD/DRSO will only hang on to her in Portsmouth for two years at which point if no suitable berth ready, it's off to Aliaga. Suggesting that you're only going to transfer the ship to someone else for two years makes no sense at all.

    The £10M pa probably represents what they think is the annual cost of keeping her in good fettle once under the ownership of whoever wins the bid.

    Neither Southampton nor hull bodes well. I remember Cavalier spending some time in Southampton docks many years ago and that didn't end well.

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