Telegraph: "Head Of Armed Forces: Military Risks Becoming 'Hollow Force'"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Dec 19, 2013.

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    "Britain’s military will become a “hollow force” with state of the art equipment but no one to operate it unless manpower budgets increase, the head of the Armed Forces has warned.

    Gen Sir Nick Houghton, chief of the defence staff, said the Royal Navy was already “perilously close to its critical mass” after cuts to the numbers of sailors."

    Head of Armed Forces: military risks becoming 'hollow force' - Telegraph

    Defence cuts making our military a 'hollow force', says head of the Armed Forces: General says Britain could have too much state-of-the-art equipment and no troops to use it | Mail Online

    Defence chief: UK armed forces have good equipment but not enough people | Politics |

    CDS' speech at RUSI:

    RUSI - Previous Events
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  2. Has it really taken all this time for comments like this to be aired ? All these thoughts and consequences have been on the agenda for yonks.
  3. So tell us what we have been telling you for ages. Too many committments, too few bods.
  4. Another bloke on the news says, this has been said because there is a defence review due and he's getting getting the, dont make any more cuts, message in ahead of it.
  5. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    And of course, our career parliamentarians will act accordingly.

  6. Scotsman: "Malcolm Rifkind Calls For Rethink On Defence Cuts"

    "The UK government has come under pressure from a grandee on its own backbenches to reverse its defence cuts after the country’s most senior officer warned that there was a danger the UK could be left with “hollowed out armed forces.”

    The attack from General Sir Nicholas Houghton, the Chief of Defence staff, has prompted former Tory defence secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who now chairs the security and intelligence committee, to call for a rethink on strategy."

    Malcolm Rifkind calls for rethink on defence cuts - The Scotsman
  7. Spot on. General Nick's angle will have the politicos juggling kit against bodies (good that he made the point, though). The salient point is that balanced and sustainable Defence needs more money. We also need a hearts and minds programme to explain to the voters what the money they spend on Defence actually does for them. Thanks to Blare and others, the true picture has become hidiously skewed.
  8. Rifkind“The one encouraging aspect is that manpower can be reversed relatively quickly if resources and circumstances require it. Capital projects take many, many years.

    That is off course unless you lose a lot of senior rates who have taken you about 10-15 years to train to that point. Unless we can just open a tin of Chiefs these days or even recruit direct to Chief or PO. At the moment certain branches are haemorrhaging people at all levels which cannot be reversed quickly by opening the recruiting taps more.
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  9. Spot on - he is talking shite. When you lose experienced Senior Rates/WOs, particularly Engineers, in significant quantities they cannot be replaced relatively quickly. This is something the Defence Board had better get their heads round pretty quickly
  10. "It's the manpower stupid"

    All these hardware lying around but not enough personnel to man them
  11. Maybe they could fill all the gapped billets with all the sick-chitters in Nelson?

    Biffer squadron, made up of those with the terrible shin-splints and other salt-water activated injuries
  12. Why don't they just recruit some 'qualified' bods straight in as POs, mayby call them Direct Entry POs or something similar.

    Oh, hang on a minute..........
  13. Telegraph:

    Admiral the Lord West of Spithead:


    "Defence has taken the hit for too long

    Equipment for all three Services is rigorously designed to meet the requirement, but more money is urgently needed"

    Defence has taken the hit for too long - Telegraph

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  14. Short on man power? Surely not. loosing Engineers hand over fist? Struggling to keep men in and platforms at sea? No not in this Navy. I can't understand why this has been happening as we have all been draining down over the Brass for DECADES on the way things are done, managed(joke), changed and everything else they have screwed up. But if we drip to the DOs and they filter it, then the CO gets all the info and his spin is put on it and so on, by the time the top brass read anything it's all "what ho, snorkers!"
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  15. There will be a domino effect now, as engineers still in the mob will have to take the extra load from both redundies and pissed-off leavers. In turn, this will seriously nark off the remaining engineers, coupled with the new 2015 pension, and stunted career progression. There is till the foundation degree trap I suppose, that will keep people in until PO level.

    The fact that senior rates are seeing better opportunities outside now, if/when the economy does pick-up, they will have another swathe of leavers.

    Then they will get desperate like they did with the manpower black-hole in the nineties, and offer £50k for CPOs/WOs to come back.

    Silly, silly short-term decision making...
  16. "The British are an island race, the sea is in our blood."
    Has a nice ring, doesn't it? Not much heard around Westminster, though.
  17. And if you live in the South of England right now then it's mostly in your living room as well!
    the RN Engineering branch is broken and no amount of Harry black maskers will fix it, dire times ahead.
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