Telegraph: Gulf Britons to be Evacuated if Iran attacks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Joint_Strike_Tighter, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. Even if it is just Newspaper scaremongering etc etc etc it does still raise questions as to our ability to carry out such an operation in any situation
  2. So how many Entitled Persons were rescued by a carrier from Lebanon in 2006?? None if I remember rightly! By the time Lusty arrived all the hard work had been done by the DD/FFs and a trip by the LPD.
  3. perhaps we could ask the arabs for a loan to fund the defence of their country? maybe they could purchase some harriers for us to operate?
  4. No-one said the Harrier is a troop lift Aircraft. I think the comment was made in reference to the broader requirements of defending interests in the UAE and the Middle-East as a whole, rather than just repatriating our own people.

    Also, if Brits need evacuating quickly, as is likely to be the case, the Carriers are much faster than the LPD's and LPH.
  5. Thats not exactly true. I was onboard at the time and although we only picked up 50 people max that was the decision from the top. I was onwatch on the bridge when the CO took the phone call informing us after going top speed (including overnight refuelling stop) across the Med they wouldn't put the fleet flag ship alongside and that we were to stand off and play the role of command platform.
  6. The article mentions the 100,000 expats living out there and the 1 million visitors each year. With such huge numbers involved in such a rapid evacuation, our current resources will struggle, to put it mildly. How many civvies are you going to get on Albion and Bulwark?
  7. Don't forget about the 3 Bay ships (+1 that's just about to be sold) :roll: erm ... there's also a Fort class ship + others in that area at the moment too.

    We can also send a bloody big casualty reception ship there if needed, lots of beds already set aside for doctors, nurses, scab pickers, willy ticklers, air crew and waffus (I think that's what they're called). not to mention the hospital beds as well.

    Then there's the MN fleet that have signed up for sponsered reserve ... I could go on but I can't be arsed.
  8. A NEO is the responsibility of the FCO, and HM Armed Forces will only get involved in extremis. Something this size and scale will not be dealt with by us.....
  9. LPD has enough pits for additional 300 ish embarked troops plus massive vehicle deck which could take one or two more.
  10. What a honking article. I wouldn't have thought the Telegraph would have been struggling for news with the Ashes going on. The Telegraph has stooped here, big time. Total non-story.

    Interestingly, no one was evacuated in 1991 or 2003. In fact in 1991 we were simply thrown an S10 each and told to crack on.
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Me, I'd fly Emirates. Over a dozen flights from Dubai to Blighty every day.
  12. Exactly - CivAir will deal with this.
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    An evacuation of 100 000 civilians by ship in the Persian Gulf when Iran has gone kinetic? It's not about how many bunks or space to park arrrses on the vehicle deck / hangar. This isn't a short hop to Cyprus. We'd likely need to go to war with Iran to secure the escape route.

    MLP has already stated the obvious (although not to the oblivious) there was no such evacuation in 1991 or 2003. The Telegraph is becoming a comic.

    ATG wrote of my last
    Dubai already handles 100 000 passengers daily albeit coming and going. And everyone in an aircraft gets a lifejacket, the ratio of toilets to pax is good, catering is a piece of piss and they are really strict about luggage.
  14. As a money grabbing Expat myself why should I or any other money grabber expect to be rescued? I understand people there working for the UK government on postings etc should be assisted. The rest of us left the UK for a reason (money) so should not then go crying to the UK get us out of the brown smelly that we put ourselves in.
  15. I fully agree it is a non story its just that 80% of the money grabbing expats believe it is there right. I remember a Christmas Carol concert at the Embassy in Muscat, hearing the tax dodging expats complaining that there were no mince pies or mulled wine that year.
  16. RabC. I think the clue is in the cover page of your British Passport.

    Her Majesty "requests and requires" Johnny Foreigner to "allow the Bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance". She also expects the Bearer to be afforded "protection".
  17. IT IS MY RIGHT DICKWAD!! I AM A CITIZEN OF THE UK, I SERVED MY COUNTRY FOR ALMOST 30 YEARS, I PAY MY TAXES AND HMG HAS A DUTY TO PROVIDE ME PROTECTION FROM FORIEGN AGGRESSION (PERHAPS YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN SOME OF THE REASONS PEOPLE JOIN). YES i AM SHOUTING!!. As I've said over on ARRSE, do you expect every expat in every country where they could possibly face risk to now return to UK. Oh yes we'll rescue (if neccessary) the couple of hundred HMG pers but all those that are "dodging tax" (and I'd dearly love for a definition of that versus working to support a family, develop British trade, raise UK PLcs profile abroad, aid UK balance of trade, etc). You may haver had purely mercenary motives for going to the UAe but don't tar us all with the same brush. Nor more importantly abandon those with families that may not just be able to skip over the border because of your predjudice.

  18. Are you unhappy then? :wink:
  19. we should leave the Expats were they are. When ever you speak to them they go on about how sh1t blighty is and how much better there lives are there now that there in the gulf.

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