Telegraph: "Falklands: UK Denies Sending Nuclear-Armed Submarine To South Atlantic"

The Argentinian pollies don't give up do they. I'd like to see the maps and photographs they've got to prove a V boat is down there....muppets.
Linky no worky! ..Been removed!

But have to agree with Finks ... as long as it not sat in Argie territorial water its of no concern of theirs!


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I'd love to know how they've "found out" we've send a boat down there. Methinks the sabre-rattling is coming to the fore even more now as the election approaches.
They find out like this: Jack on V...... has girlfriend, whose brother works in a chippy in the Burg, whose cousin is a taxi driver, whose wife works in Asda, who has a best mate that is Spanish, whose brother in Madrid has a pal from school who went to Argentina where he works on a ranch, where........ Well, you get the picture.

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